Britney Britney Britney… It  has gotten to the point where the world is no longer surprised by anything you do, no matter how extreme your actions are. It’s almost as if every time you stay out of the media’s eye for too long, you up and do some reckless sh*t and to no one is surprised. We all just say, “There goes Britney Spears making the tabloids yet again.” You know what I think? I think you’re an attention junkie. It seems like every time something major happens in the entertainment industry, Britney Spears isn’t too far behind trying to relight her “fame flame.” You know, the one that Christina Aguilera quickly blew out. But I digress. Around the time Anna Nicole Smith died (may God rest her soul) in February 2007, you decided to pull your little Mr. Clean stunt and shaved your head bald. What the f**k was that Britney? Then about two years later (Feb. 2009), Chris Brown goes savage on Rihanna, and what happens? Not even a good month later, you get on stage at your concert and announce to everyone in attendance, and i quote ” My p@#$y is hanging out.”

So my Wizzardly Words  to you are GET HELP. Because honestly after the whole “shave your head” thing, I was convinced you were on drugs. And now that you have shared information equivalent to “I just farted” aloud for the world to hear, you confirmed it… That being said, I leave you with these words, uncertain that they will reach you but what the hell … someone will read it! You have money, so why act like teenager desperate for attention? Think on it, let it soak.

Wizely Yourz,

The Wizzard

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