Chris Brown in Miami (Mar. 1st 2009) Chris Brown in Miami (Mar. 1st 2009)

Hi GOT. The people behind this site gave me an opportunity to publicly address these celebrities when they get stupid. And what I mean by stupid is going over the edge and letting the fame control their lives. All of them have done it at least once. Some learn from their mistakes, and some just keep doing stupid sh*t over and over and over again. Regardless of whether or not you learn from your mistakes, that doesn’t make you invincible to Wizzard’z Wordz. The first time you f*** up, I’ll be here to let you know so you can get back on track entertaining your fans. You know, your fans? The actual reason you have the success you have. Yeah, those people. Anyway, without further a-do, I present to you WIZZARD’Z WORDZ!

My first set of Wizzardly words goes out to none other than…Chris Brown! Continue reading to see what I have to say to the guy who f**ked up his career in a matter of seconds…

Chris you REALLY messed up; luckily you had your Bosses come in and save your ass to protect their money. So here’s my set of Wizzardly Words for you: Invest your money, because you’re never gonna live this down. I’m sure no one will forget, no matter what. Remember Ike and Tina? Exactly…

With each passing day, more and more information is being released about the ass beatin you gave your girlfriend. I mean, c’mon Chris … the Police report that describes in detail your raging attack, the photo of Rihanna, the reports and allegations?! You’re worse than a child that can’t control their temper. I could see if it was a guy running off at the mouth … but she’s a female, Chris. And that ‘s make you a sick individual, my friend.

But hey, all is not lost. If you fail to polish your tarnished image, at least you’ll still have royalty checks to live off. Just make sure you don’t blow all your money. Then you really will be f**ked. And on the off-chance you are able to repair your career, just keep your hands in your pockets and off females. Okay? Thanks.

Wizely Yourz,

The Wizzard

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