Kanye West on stage in Sydney Australia

Not only is rapper Kanye West telling folks to “Eat sh*t and die,” but he’s apparently cursing out musicians and, of course, the media. All on stage. In front of people. Here’s what someone sent to our boy illseed over at All Hip Hop.

But of course, Kanye caused controversy. His show was AMAZING, but what would a Kanye show be without those diva moments? Firstly, while performing ‘Put On’, he went into some kind of auto-tune-freestyle. Basically what he was saying was that people don’t want him to change, people don’t want him to grow, they’d rather see him do exactly the same thing over and over again. Then, he went into a rant; saying that the media had stripped him of real life and explaining his daily pressures of being a celebrity. Then, he randomly started talking about Britney Spears, claiming that she spazzed out because K-Fed took advantage of her to better himself.

But, the best was yet to come. Kanye decided to close with Love Lockdown. He restarted the song three or four times (i lost count). The first time, I don’t think he was in-sync with his musicians…so 30 seconds in he told them to stop and start again. The second time, Kanye said ‘Nah you guys f#$ked it, start again’ and stormed off the stage, the musicians kept playing through the chorus and only stopped afterwards…which was awkward as Kanye wasnt even singing.

The third time, Kanye got about half-way through the song and stopped it once more. Kanye then came out and said “I’m supposed to have another f*cking outfit for this song, but they’ve taken it back to the dressing room. But f*ck it, Let’s just do it”. He was pretty angry lol, but all the fans were laughing haha. He then managed to get through the whole song without stopping..needless to say…i dont wanna hear Love Lockdown again…lol.

Anyway i thought he didnt need a stylist since he shops so much that he can speak Italian…LOL. it was mainly a good show anyway.


Wow, someone needs a nap!

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