No, he didn’t lose some bogus “dance-off” to T-Pain. No, he wasn’t arrested by the Feds. According to AOL BV’s Jawn Murray, comedian Katt Williams walked out during rehearsals after a spat with the show’s producer.

“Katt was disrespectful, difficult and demanding throughout the process and his unprovoked verbal lashing on the producer was unwarranted,” a source close to the production told Murray.

Apparently, the pint-sized comedian start the day off with an awry note after he arrived to rehearsals 3 hours late. And when a producer greeted him when his self-driven RV pulled up, he went off…

“He hopped out of his RV and went into a ‘do you know who I am’ rant. He was angry and wanted to know who called the union on him, because there had been an issue with Katt’s camp trying to over-schedule the backup dancers.”

Murray continues: “Apparently the Ohio-bred star of ‘First Sunday’ then went into rehearsal and acted as though nothing was wrong, but moments later abruptly stopped rehearsal and declared: ‘Someone owes me an apology. I’m sorry, I can’t go on without an apology.’ BET brass scrambled to resolve the situation.

“Williams lined up his entire staff and demanded that the network or someone from Cosette Productions have the unsuspecting producer apologize to each of them. Said producer refused, standing by the fact that Williams’ attack on her was unprovoked and superfluous.”

So Katt left rehearsals without his apology and said he wouldn’t return until someone gave it to him, which left BET producers in a bind because they didn’t have a host. This is where T-Pain steps in. Producers called the entertainer (is he a singer, or a rapper? lol) at about 1 A.M. the morning of the show, and thankfully for them, he agreed to it on such short notice.

So there you have it, folks! Katt Williams didn’t host the show because he’s a little bitch 🙂 The show airs tonight at 8 PM Eastern.

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