The saga continues. I decided to make “Leave Me Alone” by Michael Jackson the throwback for today since it was released during this month and the year of my birthday (which is an honor). Many believed this song was about a woman, or something, but in actuality it was particularly about how the media portrayed him and nearly ruined his career. A lot of people thought that Britney Spears should have done a cover of the song but others thought she would “ruin it”. I personally disagree.

Anyway if you watch the video a few times MJ is clearly mocking the tabloids and their ridiculous rumors saying, “leave me alone!” He is even seen dancing with the “Elephant Man,” a stupid rumor once surfaced of Michael Jackson reportedly purchasing his bones. The video also takes place seemingly in an “amusement park” but it is really Michael Jackson portrayed as one, illustrating how the media makes a circus out of him most of the time. Interestingly enough this video was co-directed by Michael Jackson himself, keep in mind that computers were not even thought of at that time, making MJ ahead of his time; he hated mundane.

In conclusion Michael Jackson, the King of Pop and all that is Pop (literally speaking), is and will always be a legend, yes. He gives even more meaning to the quote, “Michael Jackson is an artist not a genre.” But we shall digress. I just cannot stress even that there will never be another quite like Michael. He is African-American, yes, he has a skin disorder. He is not a child molester, no, people just wanted money out of him – it is sad what people will do for money really. But, again, we shall digress. The most important part is his music and how he reaches entities through his wonderful, wonderful … wonderful art. He is the greatest, ever. Love you MJ <3.

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