Cinnabon Deletes & Apologizes for Carrie Fisher Tribute After Facing Backlash on Twitter

Tributes in honor of Carrie Fisher have poured in since her Tuesday (Dec. 27) passing. Many have honored the Star Wars actress by incorporating her iconic Princess Leia hairstyle. However, Cinnabon is currently under fire for its somewhat ill-conceived tweet.

The unique Princess Leia hairstyle has often been compared to cinnamon buns. So, it’s fitting for Cinnabon to offer its condolences to the actress’ family.


Using a Princess Leia image created out of cinnamon and an actual Cinnabon, the company tweeted “RIP Carrie Fisher, you’ll always have the best buns in the galaxy.”

Though I personally don’t find the tweet too problematic, understandably, many found the tweet insensitive and felt Cinnabon was using Fisher’s death as a promotional tool.

Cinnabon has since deleted the tweet and offered an apology.

Some Twitter users and Fisher fans liked Cinnabon’s tribute and defended the company after it deleted the tweet.

The image that caused the controversy was actually used earlier this year on May 4th, a day that has become known as Star Wars Day. Then, the company stated Leia had the “second best” buns in the galaxy.

  • Ava

    America is so fucking sensitive. Worried about some buns when you should be worried about the entire US working class getting deported back to Mexico