Young Thug Might Be Hip Hop’s First Openly Gay “Trap Rapper”

Much like The Migos and Chief Keef, Young Thug — the 21-year-old rapper from Atlanta with the most unimaginative name in Hip Hop’s 30-40+ year history — has quickly made a name for himself as a “trap rapper.”

And what exactly is a “trap rapper,” you ask? Someone who raps about the “trap,” a term used to refer to the place where drugs are manufactured and sold. (Also called a “trap house.”)

According to a Wikipedia article on the rap genre, which rose to popularity in the early 2000’s, rappers who primarily talk about drugs are considered “trap rappers,” and since Young Thug (septum piercing and all) raps about selling drugs, doing drugs and killing people over drugs … he is most certainly a trap rapper, that much we know.

But what we don’t know is what team this guy plays for … if you know what we mean.

As Young Thug’s popularity grows, so do suspicions surrounding his sexuality. Is he gay? Is he bisexual? Or is he just trolling us for attention?

Those are the types of questions folks are asking on social media and popular Hip Hop message boards (like KTT and The Coli) after seeing stuff like this posted to the “Danny Glover” rapper’s Instagram page:

But believe it or not, all of that is pretty tame … compared to THIS:



UPDATE (02/18): Young Thug Denies Being Gay, Calls Out His Haters

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    Also keep in mind the counterpoint: His raps talk about sex with women. “TWOO BITCHES” on Danny Glover, “Suck my banana, but I won’t eat your pudding” on Stoner, etc

    • gtfofaggot

      by eating pudding he probably talkign about a bootyhole. this dude gay as fuk. bi at LEAST. not to mention he look like he got aids lol.

    • ChasManianDevl

      Hell he comes from ATL which is tops for gay black men & women. Personally I don’t care cuz i’m still gone slap his shit tho. Blood niggas in cali(daygo & LA) say all kinds of shit and different lingo but nothing like this ATL blood lingo which makes niggas look and sound gay. Talk about some shit being watered down tho. They couldn’t come up with better acronyms!

  • thuggerlicious

    He also said on a song ” I’m not gay bot I spend it on dudes ”

  • Billy The Puppet

    This nigga gay af


    who cares? most of the people in hollywood are! In this day and time you should just assume that for every person you meet, 1 in 3 is gay. Quit tripping, if you like his music, then you like it. If you are straight then you are straight. His music ain’t gon turn you gay! Just ignorance everywhere.

  • LUPO

    Maybe hes not gay but just got mad love for his boys.and he express it the way he want to. who cares

    • rainbow

      he is gay, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • Tru

    Love is Blood Lingo. His love his Funk Represent his Links to Piru


    So if young thugs gay your basically saying the people he’s describing as bae and babe and that he loves is homosexual too, so people like jose guapo, metro boomin and bloody jay are gay? So that means rocko is gay because he signed young thug and bloody J? So gucci future migos juicy j are gay cause they rap on metro boomin beats right?LMAO u ppl are crazy thats Atlanta and gang lingo
    Young thug is a blood thats where the bae and babe comes from BAE= blood above eeverything BABE= blood after before everything
    bloody J is also a member of the bloods hence the name bloody j and red in pic, BJ is like thugs big brother aka my lovers for slime life bloods hencing a big reason on his signing to A1FBG
    he is also a YSL gang member YSL is young slime life which is where the love comes from slimes go by “Slime love” just like Folks out in cali have “Folk love” for each other, GDs in cali and in chiraq also greet or have Gangsta or G love for each other. Pirus also use the term often who the fuck knows where it started. Slimes also use the term love for one another slime is also the term for “crook” in atlanta.

    NOW AS FOR THE FINGERNAILS AND THE SKIRTSHIRT I CANT VOUCH FOR THAT SHIT I WOULD NEVVVVVERRRR WEAR THAT SHIT!!!! As far as the suspenders and the turtleneck and shorts and sandles idk its dope in its own way thats thuggers style hes a different individual cant you tell by his music

    • The L Train

      you sound like Riley freeman trying to explain gangstalicious’ actions… take dis L

    • FvePrcntr

      LMAO comment of the year

    • patcol

      exactly, like there possibly aren’t gaynsters

    • Lonny

      I’m from Atl, and yes, we have several gays… Seemingly more from other states migrated there after the olympics came. But do not try to make it sound like our straight men are calling each other baby in the A. Nor are the average bloods there calling each other that. “Baby” is something new Orleans locals say a lot, and even they don’t be putting that up on social media to men. They have created their own lingo for their sect and are trying to make “Gay” the new hip hop and the new Black. I’m not buying it. Next they’re going to say him wearing a dress is an Atl blood thing and that is not true either.

    • rainbow

      he refers to his male friends as hubby. he is gay.

  • Divine Orator

    nigga… you gay.

  • Dee

    Lol thugger ain’t gay, he just likes to mindfuck with people.

  • jaz


  • Desii

    Who cares if he’s gay or not !

  • Martmaro

    Another reason to hate this dumba** Nigga..smh

  • darren

    lol young thug ain’t gay you dumbass gossip site lol

  • ??????? !!

  • Shady Grady

    This is PR at its best… Keep my ya name in the streets and ya mouth good or bad… If he is nobody’s gonna care because of his music and he don’t look or act like the stereotypical gay dude… If he aint it still don’t matter because he whats hot right now. Basically, he play’n the androgynous card that Boy George, Marilyn Manson and Bootsie (from the fuck-adelics) play’d in the day.

  • Game_Freak Wan

    If he is gay it dont matter he still a dope a$$ rapper up there with the rest of the best.Gay r not judge on talent and not how u act or what gender u like.

  • Game_Freak Wan

    who ever says he is gay may be right but accept it.

  • Lonny

    It’s safe to say that females are the biggest consumers in America. Male fans don’t spend as much on concerts and products… So, the anti-love for women could lower his sales. Why be so offended that everyone isn’t in love with homosexual “thugs”? We are all entitled to our opinions and have just as much right to stand in our truths as semi-openly gay rappers do. That’s the whole point in the discussions. So,with the logic of some of these heterophobia comments, I guess anyone with an opinion is ignorant then? Including yourselves since you’re too immature to handle disagreements without getting mad and insulting?

  • rainbow

    He is gay, a straight man does not do these things. He is just scared to be straight up about it.