Amina Confirms She’s Pregnant By Peter Gunz on “Love & Hip Hop” (New York) Season 4 Reunion

Add Amina Buddafly to Peter Gunz‘ growing list of baby mamas … because “Mrs. Panky” is PREGNANT!

Amina dropped the bombshell literally within the first five to ten minutes of the show’s opening segment, because she felt like she had to get it off her chest. LITERALLY.

I mean, the girl pulled the positive pregnancy test out of her breast and everything (eww?) and threw it in Peter’s lap like, “yeah, nukka … I gotcho azz for real now.” (Sidenote: What is it with these “Love & Hip Hop” cast members walking around with USED pregnancy test sticks?!?)

“I need to say something that is very very important that I say this today. Anyone who watched the season knows I like to pull things out of my bra and slam them on the table.

“We don’t have a table right here but there is something that I would like to give to my husband … Unlike your baby’s mother, I did not take the Plan B.

“I’M PREGNANT … and ain’t nothing fake about that!”



  • Mitchies

    Why would a woman deliberately get pregnant by a man that doesn’t take care of the children he already has? Is her self esteem that low?

  • Racquel Garnette

    Exactly Amina wanted to have a child with Peter Gunz while he has 7 kids with 5 different baby mamas. She tooked a home pregnancy test to prove that she is pregnant that is bullshit. She wanted to make the marriage a offical by buying him rings. He doesn’t want to be official married to Amina. All Peter Gunz wanted to do is tell Amina of what she wants to hear and that was it. Peter Gunz needs some help. Men like those gives a lot of black men a dirty name. All Peter wanted was his woman to have his kids that was it and show no respect for them. Peter gunz does take care of his kids. He said during the hot 97 interview on youtube. As for Saigon that guy is an asshole and lowlife sonofabitch. He didn’t care for Erica J and her son. He only cares about his own daughters because he knew they were fast at speaking. I think Erica Jean son is developing autism. That is what most boys have. I am so glad that the season over. Amina wanted things to be in her way so she thinks she got what she wanted but think again. Amina and Peter are over that is very good. Tara is happy in her place. Yandy and Amina are new to relationships they want there men to do this and that. You don’t pressure a man to say that you are beautiful everyday. All you need to do is be yourself when it comes to relationship.

  • ranfan

    what happened to common sense