Lance Gross Posts Letter to George Zimmerman: “Now You Know What it Feels Like to be a Black Man in America”

George Zimmerman being found “not guilty” in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin has brought about many reactions and opinions from both sides, and Hollywood has been just as vocal as everyone else.

Actor Lance Gross weighed in on the jury’s decision Monday, reposting a letter written by a guy named Alex Fraser on his Instagram account that was specifically addressed to the 29-year-old former neighborhood watchman:

Last Saturday evening, a jury of six women found George Zimmerman of not guilty of second-degree murder for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin.

The Sunday after Zimmerman’s acquittal, the Department of Justice released a statement saying that they will determine if federal prosecutors should file criminal civil rights charges against him.

[HT: HuffPo]

  • Real white person

    So you know struggles? You’re statements are as bad as your acting! George is a hero! You people need to focus on paying your child support and trying to stay out of jail. Only in America a brown man can be white! Ask yourself why you are so racist?

  • Nick 27

    This shits so dumb! You know if a white Guy got killed attacking a black Guy everybody would be saying he deserved to be killed! There wouldn’t be any ‘outcry ‘ or rally. Nobody would be playing the race card!

  • Po

    What an ignorant jackass. When will these butthurt Trayvon Martin supporters take out the tampon wedged so far up their ass and accept the reality that Trayvon was a good-for-nothing thug who nearly killed Zimmerman?

    Watch this video, it sums up this entire case perfectly.

  • ASIL666

    …I see angry white people lololol

  • Not Po

    You so damn right…I see angry racist prejudice white slave owners so pissed. Mr Po & Co. what a fuckin murderer and a loser. Evil will always follow Zimmerman until his last day on earth. #Amen