Justin Timberlake Didn’t Know “Take Back The Night” Was Already A Thing

Justin Timberlake Didn’t Know “Take Back The Night” Was Already A Thing

Not everyone loved Justin Timberlake‘s new Michael Jackson-inspired single, “Take Back The Night.” Of those who had made complaints, the most valid belong to the Katherine Koestner, the executive director of the organization Take Back The Night.

The group’s lawyers sent a letter to Mr. Timberlake informing him that he had used their name without permission. You see, Take Back The Night is an anti-rape group, so as you can imagine, they don’t want to be confused with an Off The Wall-theme groovy dance song.

But according to Justin, it’s a harmless coincidence as he didn’t know about the group.

The following is a statement Justin Timberlake issued in response to the confusion:

“Upon the release of my new single ‘Take Back The Night’, I was made aware of an organization of the same name called The Take Back The Night Foundation.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to let all know that neither my song nor its lyrics have any association with the organization. As I’ve learned more about The Take Back The Night Foundation, I’m moved by its efforts to stop violence against women, create safe communities and encourage respectful relationships for women — Something we all should rally around.

“It is my hope that this coincidence will bring more awareness to this cause.”

I feel like this means he cut a check, or at least, had better. And lawyers, do your jobs.


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