Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” Leaked

Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” Leaked

Queen B is back and she is a “Grown Woman!”

Almost two months after Beyoncé previewed Grown Woman in her Pepsi Mirrors commercial, the song has been released online in its entirety. The track is not available on iTunes yet and there was no big announcement from B herself, so it seems like it could be a leak.

Nonetheless, the track is hot. The Timbaland-produced beat is sure to get you out of your seat and on to the dance floor; and I’m sure it will produce some new, infectious dance moves from Beyoncé.

Grown Woman is the first full-length track to be released from her yet untitled fifth studio album. In March, Beyoncé released Bow Down/I Been On, but that was not a full-length song. She also previewed Standing on the Sun for her H&M campaign commercial.

Beyoncé fans have been eagerly awaiting new music from her. In April, while overseas performing in Paris, Beyoncé performed Grown Woman and the crowd went crazy.

We just want new music B! Is that too much to ask? :(



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