Move Over, Sweet Brown! Charles Ramsey Is the New Antoine Dodson


Are you ready, world? Another viral video star has been born from the ashes of the black, impoverished and unpolished side of America.

Charles Ramsey has been proclaimed a hero by many for his role in freeing three women in Cleveland from kidnapping and imprisonment.

But what’s really getting everyone’s attention isn’t his intervention in saving the women’s lives, it’s his wide-eyed, tactless and ebonics-peppered speech that has everyone in stitches. Well, that and his really bad perm. (Seriously, he needs some haircare advice from B. Scott)

Gawker’s Max Read called Ramsey “hilarious.” As evidence, see exhibit A when he says, “I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Dead giveaway. DEAD giveaway.”

So you know what happens when a lower-income black person says something WILD and CRAZY on the news, right? We have to autotune that shit!

Oooh, oooh, oooh! And don’t forget the memes.



Yep. The Internet has a formula and it’s sticking to it.

I guess we needed another Antoine Dodson anyway, since Antoine renounced his homosexuality and converted to a strict religious sect.

  • he is a hero….not just a low-income dude…he is so much more than the other 2…choose ur words a little wiser….he is funny yes…but what he is saying is REAL….he saved 3 white girls….thats big…real big….even after all the racist media and people over this election ….look a here….God dont like ugly….

  • DNAImagery

    Dude, you sound like a racist.

  • Kris Chavez

    i could care less if it was some albino named Jim Bob living in all his trailer trash delight with 8 inbred, illiterate, half naked children running around i’d probably laugh harder if that was the case! Sweet Brown is great not because i’m secretly racist but because she puts in to words exactly what i’d feel and manages to laugh at a situation that would make me shit my pants!! Mr. Dodson is an amazing man!! he stands there and no matter HOW he says what he says he makes it clear that he will protect his family and if he finds that man he’s going to kick his ASS!! as for Charles Ramsey this man took the initiative to rescue a woman who was being held prisoner for 10 years!! anyone with any kind of psych. education can tell you he’s reacting with humor at a sudden situation he isn’t sure how to deal with. it’s like that family member or friend who sees you fall down a flight of stairs, oh they’ll help you all right, while they piss their pants laughing. sorry dude but it seems to me that YOU’RE the racist one looking for something that’s not there….way to encourage racism though, good job!!

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    If anything is racist, it’s this post. Ramsey became an internet meme because he came off as a bit of a character, not because of his race. The same thing happened with the “Don’t tase me, bro” guy and the beauty pageant teen who gave a confused answer about maps. If the only thing “Roger Ratchet” can see in this is race, that’s more a reflection on him. Most Americans saw a hero — and one with some personality. The difference between Ramsey and the aforementioned white folks is that he’s being championed while they were mocked.

  • Hey Roger,
    You know what had me in stitches? Listening to George Bush murder the English language, syntax and all. Watching him drive the country into the dog house was a hoot. And when that sxxt-kicker bought a Texas ranch and had no horses on it, I knew we had a winner! A good old boy with the intellect of a 6 year old, the statesmanship of a bull-in-a-china shop and with the depth of a penny had me in stitches for 8 years. Highlight moment; when he couldn’t think of any mistakes he’d made in the preceding 7 years when asked during a press conference.
    Mr. Ramsey had no Ivy League education as GW did, so he owes no one an apology for his ebonics, he wasn’t brought up by millionaires, and wasn’t given jobs by daddy. So perhaps in your eyes he is celebrated by racists but by most people’s view, he is celebrated more for his actions than his expressions.

  • chris

    This is a racist article written by someone so detached from the urban community. only a loser like you could find some negativity from mr. Ramsey’s incredible story

  • Chucho Papanamericano

    Welcome to America folks