Behind the Scenes of Beyonce’s H&M Campaign Shoot (VIDEO)

Behind the Scenes of Beyonce’s H&M Campaign Shoot (VIDEO)

Beyonce, ever the hardworking woman she is, has released a behind the scenes video showing what it took to create her H&M campaign.

In the video, Beyonce and the creative director show fans how they came up with the concept for the campaign, which is based on the elements of fire, water, air and Earth.

The video was shot in the Bahamas in January, when Beyonce was also busy rehearsing for her Mrs. Carter Show world tour.

“[I had to] learn choreography in five minutes,” Beyonce explains, as her choreographer Frank Gatson reiterates that she “has a lot on her plate.”

Just like in the official video, Beyonce’s new song off her still untitled fifth studio album, Standing On The Sun, is playing in the background.

“It’s incredibly unique to have Beyoncé for a campaign,” H&M creative director Donald Schneider said. “It doesn’t get bigger than that.”



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