This Is Amanda Bynes “Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight :D”

Amanda Bynes is the new Lindsay Lohan. She’s the train wreck we can’t look away from. So of course I’m totally entranced by her new viral video in which she sucks on a Sour Patch Kid and makes faces.

Honestly, there isn’t a whole lot of explaining here that can top the magic of above. Amanda Bynes exists on a completely different plane from the rest of us.

Who else can give you a seizure face like this bitch? That’s what I call method acting.

Also, I guess the chola look is here for good? I’m cool with it. Tropicana Orange has always been my favorite skin color and the straw-yellow hair is giving me Anna Nicole Smith sex appeal.

Sour Patch Kids better come quick with that sponsorship too, before Sour Skittles snatches Amanda’s brand halo with the quickness.

  • MommaKnows

    I have this strange feeling that Amanda is screaming for help!This is not normal. There is a name for this…this reminds me of things that I witnessed as a child from a dear family member…she was just like this…I hope she doesn’t get violent! Someone needs to help her Sometimes people have multiple personalities, etc.

  • she betta get her life!!!

    what a mess, would say hot mess, but that shit aint hot