Christina Aguilera Has Officially Given Up on Her Flop Album “Lotus”

For the few faithful Christina Aguilera fans who were still holding out hope that she’d try to at least push ONE more single from her stalled, stale project ‘Lotus’ sorry. It ain’t gonna happen.

The former Mouseketeer took the red carpet for the premiere of the fourth season of the reality singing competition “The Voice, which she was a judge on for the past three seasons.

She announced that she was stepping away from the show to tour and create music so it’s kind of odd that she was there for the premiere, but whatever.

While on the red carpet, a reporter asked Christina about her new single “Let There Be Love” (it was apparently news to Xtina as she whipped her head around like ‘According to who?!’) and if she would continue further promotion of her ‘Lotus’ album, which was released late last year to mediocre reviews and lukewarm sales.

“Right now I took this time to do everything that feels amazing and peaceful. I’ve been on the show three seasons since it started and… in increments, I need moments to step away from the camera and I have selected performances here and there but this is sort of a downtime for me right now,” Christina said.

In other words, “Nope.”


The good news is that it sounds like Xtina is eager to create and if I’m reading correctly between the lines, ‘Lotus’ probably didn’t turn out the way she wanted and she’s deciding it best to let go of all of the baggage that comes with a flop album instead of trying to resuscitate a project that’s clearly dead.

Unfortunately for Christina, ‘Lotus’ is failure number two for her as the album before that, ‘Bionic,’ also stunk up the charts.

The success of her collaborations with Pitbull and Maroon 5 prove that not all hope is lost, but she needs to figure out what lane her solo music works best in and give up trying to recreate the potpourri approach to making an album that worked for her once with ‘Stripped.’

  • Pops

    Flop blog

    • Roger Ratchet

      You mad? Stay mad.

  • ScoHay

    Lotus really is dead. I request “Your Body” and like a month after it debuted the radio never ever played it. And I constantly requested “Just a Fool” and the radio, where I live, never played it once! So IDK….

  • xtinafan1984

    i loved lotus.. but i also loved bionic.. i havent heard a song by her i didnt like. yes im a die hard xtina fan.. i think she should try to make album like stripped.. raw and just out there.. rock on xtina us true fan love you

  • Marleena

    Maybe her attitude has something to do with it. When people see her on the voice acting like she’s above everyone else and turning her nose up at certain guest performers that makes them not want to support her as an artist.

    Mariah Carey puts on the “diva” face but with her it’s just a wall she uses to protect herself from being taken advantage of. She really is a sweet, humble, down-to-earth person who still puts God first. I understand Christina’s been hurt by a lot of people, but she needs to consider that a lot of the people she snubs(especially the young impressionable kids who audition on The Voice) have also been hurt, some even deeper than she has.

    How would make her feel if one of the kids who looked up to her the most took their own life during or after the competition because of some snotty comment she made to them or because she turned her nose up at them? No man is an Island. You can’t just live in the world as if you’re the only person who matters remotely. That’s kinda what she does. People are very put off by that. Who wants to spend money on an album by someone who treats others like recycled rubbish?