Octomom Has Mental Breakdown In New Video (Is She On Drugs?)

Octomom Has Mental Breakdown In New Video (Is She On Drugs?)

When you’re famous for giving birth to eight kids, that can get old really quick. So the only thing you can do to keep attracting attention to yourself is do things like getting a reality show or having public meltdowns.

According to TMZ, Nadya Suleman, aka¬†Octomom is proving that she’s up on her Being Famous for No Reason 101.

The site has released a video of the mother of 14, having a complete (seemingly drug-induced) mental breakdown.


The footage appears to have been shot by concerned friends who have had to put up with her erratic behavior on a regular basis. In it, Suleman can be seen laughing hysterically and falling over as she holds a drink.

Is it just us or is she acting like the possessed little girl in “The Exorcist?”

Someone please call social services!


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