Texting While Walking Causes British Woman to Fall Into Freezing Cold Canal

We all know the dangers of texting while driving, but texting while walking can also prove to be a high-risk task. Just ask British radio personality Laura Safe, who was texting her boyfriend when she, apparently not paying any attention to her surroundings, accidentally walked right into an icy water canal.

Later that day, showing a sense of humor, Laura tweeted: “Oh dear. I should really be called Laura UNsafe after the day I’ve had! Lol”

“I thought the canal was pavement because it looked dark out of the corner of my eye,” 27-year-old Safe told UK newspaper The Sun.

Fortunately for Safe, a bystander nearby helped fish her out of the water to prevent her from going into hypothermic shock. Neil Edginton says he tried to call out to Safe before she walked into the canal, but by the time she realized what was going on, she had fallen into the freezing cold water.

Neil said, “I shouted to her to stop but it was too late. I dropped my phone and ran over to her. I had to lay down on the side with my arms in the water because she was submerged and pulled her out.”

Safe, who suffered no serious injuries, says she’s learned her lesson about texting and not paying attention the world around her.

“I’m a lot more cautious,” Safe told ABC News. “I don’t text any more. I’m too scared.”


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