This Is What Happens To Your Face When You Shoot A Cop In His

A 20-year-old man from Georgia was arrested last week after he allegedly shot an Atlanta police recruit in the face during a drug-related chase.

The officer who was shot is a 35-year-old graduate from the police academy, as of last November, and was reportedly dispatched Friday night (Jan. 11) to a southwest Atlanta neighborhood to investigate possible drug activity.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Officer Reggie Robinson chased a suspect, Frank Nance, and was shot in the face by Nance moments later. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital where he is currently recovering and in stable condition, a police spokesman said.

Nance was booked into the Fulton County Jail and charged with nine criminal counts, including aggravated assault, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, having a gun while committing a crime and cocaine possession.

When cops brought him in to take his mugshot, his face was F*CKED UP! But police wouldn’t say exactly why Nance’s face looked like that.

Maybe he fell? Or got the crap beat out of him? Or both.

What do you think happened to Frank Nance’s face?

  • What happened to Frank Nance’s face? He got a make over and deserved even worst. The man is a common criminal who shot a police officer in his face. Exactly what the hell did you expect the police to do? Frank is lucky that he is even breathing. I have no sympathy for him. The same kind of shooting that Frank did to this cop, happens everyday in the black community. It is called black on black crime.

  • Stan Komsky

    cop likely diserved it more.

    I’ll still steal the accused’s mugshot from the sheriff’s office so I can extort this guy. They really are too dumb to know any better.

    Stan Komsky

  • Yvonne Belle

    who cares he deserve it…wastes of a human life.

  • That Guy

    Of course people would rather support one side of the story, that’s right, “the ni**er did it!! HE DESERVES TO DIE WITHOUT TRIAL!!”. Ah this great country we live in :)