Fantasia Barrino Keeps Digging Herself into a Deeper Hole with Homophobic Social Media Posts

Fantasia Barrino‘s whole existence has been nothing but a struggle from the get go.

The hood rat from North Carolina won the hearts and soul of many when her raspy but earnest voice won her the third season of American Idol. But that was all thanks to the luster and shine put on her by Idol producers.

After they handed the reigns over to Tasia for her second album, all of her ratchet came out. And we won’t even talk about that turrible Lifetime movie either.

More recently, the baby daddy drama with Antwaun Cook has pretty much eaten ol’ girl alive. She was sued by his wife for adultery and the blogs have been going in on Tasia calling her all types of homewreckers and things. Then, this dummy went and got knocked up by him.

Well, needless to say, the scrutiny and criticism by media outlets has been hard on ol’ Tasia and she chose to vent her frustrations on her favorite new social media platform, Instagram.

In her message to her haters, Fantasia complained that with all these other issues going on in the world, like gays marrying and things, why was everyone worried about her?

Many, including her fans, took the statement to mean that she was saying gay marriage was “wrong,” since she compared gay marriage to legalizing marijuana.

Here’s the original post on Instagram that started all of the controversy, courtesy of The YBF:

Then ol’ girl tried to backtrack with a damn Hello Kitty background post on Instagram, talking about she was “taken out of context.”

And now that her apology STILL hasn’t worked, Fantasia has taken once again to Instagram to clear her name. This time her defense is “SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE GAY!”

What? We, the media, make fun of Fantasia’s “grammer”? We’re not monsters. We know how hard Fanny has worked to get on the right side of the Reading Rainbow.

Besides, if we started correcting Fanny’s grammar we’d quickly rack up overtime hours that would violate all sorts of labor laws just making corrections to her incoherent tweets alone.

  • First off, she was using the gay comment as an example of her being judged harshly. She has always loved the gay community and has performed at gay pride in weho. She said GAY MARRIAGE LEGAL AND YET I’M JUDGED. Read people, read. I didn’t take it offensively, cuz unlike some people I can connect the dots. If you were true fans, you would understand were she is coming from. You queens need to calm down,? move on, and move up.

  • Why she gotta be a “hood rat”, there was no need to call the woman out of her name. I may not agree with her personal life, or her bible thumping, but there was no reason to belittle her like that and disrespect her. D@mn! That’s just plain ole wrong.

  • Mrs.Saluda SC

    Well to began with when God first created he seperated the day from dark and called them day and Night :most of our actors,singers,comedians,talk show host etc .they all start from the bottom : this just made them more appreciate of fame so leave the name calling out mthey made it to the top where God placed them .but he made noone perfect that is his job .As human beings we dnt always say things the way we should but it’s all love .these ppl still have lives what they do with their personally life is their buisness .stip juding be blessed