Beyonce Shows Off Daughter Blue Ivy In New Set of Tumblr Photos

Beyonce Shows Off Daughter Blue Ivy In New Set of Tumblr Photos

Beyonce recently updated her Tumblr page with a bunch of new photos — including brand new shots of her and Blue Ivy!

In one of the photos (above), shared on Christmas Day, the 31-year-old singer and her nearly one-year-old daughter share an intimate moment aboard what looks to be a luxury yacht. No word on exactly where they are (Beyonce is notoriously VERY private) and you can barely make out little Blue’s face, but the image of the two is extremely adorable, none-the-less.

Another “new” photo of Blue Ivy — apparently taken a few months back in September — shows Baby Blue’s feet. (Aww!) And another picture, posted around Thanksgiving, shows a braided Beyonce giving her baby girl a tender kiss on the forehead. Both of them are wearing blue.

There are also recently shared photos of Beyonce attending the Art Basel festival in Miami earlier this month, other tender family moments, and more.

Check them all out below:

  • Treathyl FOX

    Cool! I already know Beyonce has a Tumblr blog, but I shared this article’s link via Pinterest because I found it here and not at her blog. Great pic of mom and baby! [ ]


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