Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock and More Demand a Plan to End...

Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock and More Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence (VIDEO)

The tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., has set the nation on an irreversible trajectory toward stricter gun control laws. More people want fewer people to have access to deadly weapons.

And now, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition, is launching an aggressive gun control campaign with the help of celebrity support from stars like Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz, Ellen DeGeneres and many more.

The coalition’s Demand a Plan call to action has three stated goals:

  1. Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America
  2. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  3. Make gun trafficking a federal crime, including real penalties for “straw purchasers”

You can watch the online video calling for support for the campaign below:


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