Wendy Williams Disses Beyonce: “She Sounds Like She Has A Fifth Grade Education”

Oh, no she didn’t!

Literally one week after upsetting stomachs worldwide with the unveiling of her nude PETA ads, Wendy Williams has upset Beyonce fans by basically calling the singer dumb on her talk show this week.

While discussing Beyonce’s upcoming self-directed HBO documentary, Miss(ter) Williams, after declaring herself a “fan,” just up and dissed Beyonce for absolutely no reason at all.

“I am a Beyonce fan. I’m gonna watch her upcoming documentary because fortunately one of the TVs in our kitchen has closed captioning so I’ll be able to understand what she says. You know Beyonce can’t talk. She sounds like she has a fifth grade education.”

When her audience rightfully responded with boos, Wendy said, “Excuse me, I just said I was a fan. But we have to call a spade a spade. I mean, honestly…”

In case you missed it — and we’re pretty sure you did since nobody watches Wendy’s tired show anyway — check out the clip below:

Calling a spade a spade, huh?

You look like a true-to-life version of Gossamer, and you want to “call a spade a spade.”

You look like you should be a defensive lineman for an NFL football team, and you want to call a spade a spade.

You actually wake up every morning, look at yourself in the mirror, and walk out of the house every day, honestly thinking that you look good, and you want to call a spade a spade.

Somebody please find this (wo)man a big fat chair, and tell her to sit in it.

  • sue

    Who wrote this article? It is offensive. Wendy Williams has a right to say what she thinks about people and should not be harassed with language about body shape! Outrageous!The writer is the one with way less than a 5th grade consciousness.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geena-Romano/1848527336 Geena Romano

      SUE I mean why even bother. lol

      nice blog,but i mean clearly BIAS, and yes writer, i say your blog BIAS as your lieing saying”no one watch wendy “stupid show”anyhow or whatever but that is wrong when my girl is SYNDICATION NATIONALLY sorry hun and also WENDY SPOKE THE TRUTH period. sad people HATE on the truth. in life,really is, and SUE i agree, ma. i sure do.. lmfao good post comment lmfao we were on my facebook and friend STEVE JACKSON just talkin bout this.

      GO WENDY yea yea MEL above JEALOUS saying your a man we know your all BLK WOMAN and a lovely bunch of family members, your lovely parents,and beautiful pre-teen son, luv u so much so u keep doin u wendy life too short not to we luv u!
      i lov any 1 talkin the TRUTH haters, are the ones FOOL type WHO SIT HOME talk bout black women nice wigs,hair styles,to clothing house sad your this way HATERS, get a life then maybe your not havin to have a no good boring hater life.


      LOVE HER BUT SHE CAN’T TALK this is what happen without a school degree, rappers omg to singers it is true not a big secret.

    • briunna

      if bey is your girl y do you believe what wendy says!!??

    • briunna


    • briunna

      SHE DOES NOT HAVE AN RIGHTTT!!!!!!! you just dont diss nobody like that!!!!

  • foevame36

    And Beyonce does sound like she only has an 2nd grade education. Who cares about the boos and her fans, they’re all so mesmerized by her a$$ and $ they haven’t noticed it yet. As a matter of fact most of her fans may only have a 5th grade education. Big Ups to Wendy- Love you girl!!!!!

    • briunna

      wendy hass a bigger bootie than bey so what you talking about????!!!!!

    • briunna

      forget WENDY WILLIAMS!!!!! SWERVE WENDY!!!!


    Who believes any different??? Beyonce does sound unintelligent. But I have one better…how can Beyonce’s little flick be called “Self-Directed”? It looks like homemade videos. Just weak.

  • yeahright

    Ok….. I love Wendy Williams(even in her Peta pic) & I love Beyonce, but let’s just keep it real. I’m not really fascinated about seeing her documentary because we too much of her already, my GRACIOUS!!!! It is crazy how some celebs are idolized, I mean really? Are they not just as human as we nobodys are?? And to the people who booed Wendy for sharing her opinion, get a FREAKING LIFE!!! They act like they know Bey personally. NEWSFLASH: Beyonce don’t know you and don’t socialize with mediocracy so get over yourselves…..Everybody has an opinion just like this is mine…..Ijs

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geena-Romano/1848527336 Geena Romano

      yea right THANK YOU.
      nuff said

      geena romano NYC
      on FB

    • briunna

      he do have a point and he is speaking the truth

    • briunna

      i feel you man…. you got a point…

  • Mel

    Beyonce is talented in multiple ways, very humble and feminine. Some comments really sound like sour grapes. Imagine Wendy without her cheek inplants, fat crafting in her face, her nose job, tummy tucks, and boob jobs…She would be like a man..so please shut up..Wendy Williams..low self esteem!!

    • briunna


  • Step

    Beyonce, gets on my last nerve. I mean, she is talented but if the world would worship and praise God, like that, the world will be a better place!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geena-Romano/1848527336 Geena Romano

      hey STEP your sounding like many lmfao!

      GO WENDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let the haters hate on a VERY successful black sistah, sad your hating on a black sistah. and i agree:MANYYYYYYYYYYYY watch her and i love that. as i am one of them stat.isld.ny and nj tri-state philly we ALL love her as HATERS are just that. haters wit no life.

    • briunna

      we dont hate on wendy we just dont like how she DISSED her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..

    • briunna

      baby she do got a point!!!!!! SHE LOVES THE LORD!!!!

    • briunna

      YOU IS RIGHTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geena-Romano/1848527336 Geena Romano

    TO MEL,yea yea we know wendy is a man blah blah,yall JEALOUS

    and i am lol at how jealous your of her, i wish yall get a real life,

    then you are not having any time to be jealous.My sister in law had a lipo tummy tuck,too tall and lovely like wendy too,big deal,your so jealous MEL sad to be this way.she is rich a great mother,loving daughter,married,to her best friend,for years,younger than her,and she is living rich healthy life.
    sad your life suck,why your jealous,and wendy imo did what she WANT 2 do.TOLD THE TRUTH BEYONCE is lovely always and but can’t talk period.

    and : so the actual, writer covering this article, your adaging no 1 watch her, really> I love watching the Big girl do her thing,a HAPPY big girl wen is,and she surely did SLIM DOWN FLAT STOMACH,luv her extensions wigs luv it all,and she is a great personality,rich love her$ and i love the fact wendy told the truth about beyonce, PERIOD. she was taking out of school to dance,sing great for sure millions by a teen,but she is clear DEVOID of proper american talk skills,sorry she do sound as wendy say,and i am lmfao at it,and i am a bey fan.Proving my father still right ltae 70’S WITHOUT EDUCATION your all doom

    MONEY $ can’t do NOT buy class,life is so short,sad bey did not learn a high school/college”Real education”but i m happy she is taking tutor,and online classes,in ny, i hear great thing.

    from geena romano

    staten isld.ny

    • WonderBarbie

      Geena Romano,
      Judging from the way you write, you should be trying to get in on the online classes and tutoring right behind Bey. She had shown her ingenuity in music where she excelled. No one is perfect. Just like she ignored Wendy, (even though they tried to keep that story alive for over three weeks), I’m sure she is ignoring the rest of the motivating haters!

    • briunna

      THANKK YOUUU!!!!!

    • briunna


  • WonderBarbie

    Really people? Wendy was out of order and she knows it. I think Bey was very classy by not responding to such a blantant unwarranted and disrespectful, uncalled for, comment. It would be one thing if Bey had done something to Wendy and Wendy was responding. I believe that Wendy is testing the waters to see if she can affect peoples careers by swaying the public opinion. (Note how she keeps firing on Nene and saying get off the ATL Housewife show”, and how she stated that Lyndsay should go to jail for years….) That is a very dangerous move to make and could backfire. Why would you tell Nene toi stop making her money when she built the show? She should milk it for all it is worth before she fully moves on. I’m sure Wendy do not like the “she looks like a linebacker” and “is she a woman” comments/questions, so why would she fire on someone else so negatively? No one is perfect. Bey is an entertainer and she is excellent at what we pay her to do. You don’t want to hear her talk, don’t watch the documentary. Wendy, just keep entertaining us with your messyness, stop trying to be hurtful, it will only come back on you. You do reap what you sow. Sow positivity. Tear a page our of Oprah’s book. She set the standard and passed the armour onto you. Your show grows when you have incorporated the positive, you diminish when you make negative comments like the one against Bey. Just saying!

  • kevin

    who is wendy williams? and sounds like she is hating on beyonce. oh well, enough said!

    • briunna


  • http://www.facebook.com/sabene.brown Sabene Brown


    • briunna

      baby please beyonce has just a good education as you do… if you knew all about her you would know that she started singing when she was in school……. DONT HATE SABENE BROWN APPRECIATE!!!!

    • briunna


    • briunna


  • briunna

    JAY Z where you at come take up for your girlll!!!!!

  • briunna

    OH!!!! AND WENDY WILLIAMS how you just just gone DISS somebody like that on your show !!!???

  • adriana

    FIRST of all beyonce has a goooood education soo yall cant be talkin…..wendy williams is a man so why is yall believein him anyway….. sabene brown you have noooo education soo you cant be talkin you live in the hood wit a stankin house so shut up….wendy williams shut up cause you have no life…..SWERVE sabene brown SWERVE……THANK YOU…….

    • briunna

      girllll u is craziii and you AINT LIEN!!!!!!


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