Cruel Parents Name Their Newborn Daughter “Hashtag”

Cruel Parents Name Their Newborn Daughter “Hashtag”

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When it comes to awful names, usually black folks take the cake. Random apostrophes can be thrown into names unexpectedly, causing confusion and hesitation: Brook’Lynn, for example, is just wrong and stupid for no damn good reason.

But white folks have got some serious splainin’ to do because a couple has reportedly named its baby girl Hashtag. Yes, hashtag, as in the the symbol used on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram to categorize topics.

Here’s the relevant news on the odd name choice from The Daily Dot.

Hashtag Jameson popped into this world on Saturday evening at around 10 o’clock, a precious little bird weighing eight pounds and possessing at least seven fingers—the full extent of what the only identifying picture shows.

Save the babies, Lord. Save the babies.


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