Nicki Minaj Swears Off Pop, Returns To Her Hip-Hop Roots On “The Re-Up” [Snippets]

Nicki Minaj has been routinely criticized by some in hip-hop for her pop tracks like “Starships” and “Super Bass.” But Nicki is putting the pop princess crown to the side and reclaiming her rap throne with the re-release of her sophomore album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded the Re-Up.”

Snippets from the release’s seven new tracks reveal hard beats and even harder rhymes from Nicki the Ninja. “High School” sounds like a banger, and in true Lil’ Kim fashion, Nicki’s boasting about her sex game.

“Bitches this pretty, that’s seldom / This box better than the box he was held in…I never fuck with beginners, I let ’em play with my pussy / Then lick it off with his fingers,” Nicki spits.

And if you were holding out hope that Nicki would return to the lighter side of pop music after “The Re-Up,” fuhget about it. Nicki told fans on Twitter that she was done with doing pop songs … for good.

Listen to snippets from Nicki’s new songs from “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded the Re-Up” below:

  • Throne? What throne? Lil’ Kim designed, carved, engraved and then sat her booty on the throne and can never be removed from it. She’s Lil’ Kim. Anyone that comes after will be compared, especially when they obviousl lift their whole swag and rap over Kim instrumentals. Watch “Playtime Is Over” by #TEAMLILKIM and it’s all there. Minaj as a rapper is whack, will never reach that pedestal she thinks her ‘supposed’ talent is from. She sounds like a joke and it’s as if she has been taught by Barney The Dinosaur. Her music is only relevant for 13 year old white middle-class children that ‘think’ she is cool. WHACK. She is an industry bit*h never an ‘in da streets’ bit*h. KNOW THAT.

    • Matthew Quetell

      People like you is pissing me off other than hip hop what did lil kim do NOTHING she anit winning shes not on tour and she hasn’t sold anywhere near nicki sells yet and when nicki did her verses and romans reveange she put an end to that and got her crown NOT TO DISRESPECT KIM but her time is done please can you let nicki be

  • stayreddi3

    Kim had her time and yes being from New York i was digging kim but i dont have no respect for no bytch who want you to kiss her azz everytime you see her . Kim was not the ONLY ill female rapper in the game .. Now i respect Nicki and i rock with her but your teamlittlekim (yes in lower case for a reason) because you need to have a chick you dont even know leading your way…Sorry not I … Little kim showed how bitter she was and that made me notice her even more, when people did interviews they always asked about Nicki, shiid thats the only way kim can get a interview , so she basically been giving Nicki free promotion (cause kim is a stupid hoe lol) . plus you sound like a bitter bytch also notoriousHater , did you really have to take her name or do you wanna be her, i would think since you are a follower you would follow the bytch making moves, but hey you two weak bytches belong together :)