60 Moving Images of White People Mourning Mitt Romney

For most, President Barack Obama‘s second election victory this past Tuesday night (Nov 6) was a happy and momentous occasion. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for everyone. Especially for white people.

We hate to generalize an entire race, because there were plenty of white people who voted for President Obama … but the ones who didn’t, and voted for that loser Mitt Romney were saddened when the electoral college chose Obama as the winner of the 2012 election.

In comes White People Mourning Romney — a hilarious Tumblr blog showcasing the heartbreak and devastation among our Caucasian friends. It’s truly a sad time for white people, y’all.

Check out 60 moving images of white people mourning Mitt Romney below:





















  • Mike

    Republicans are so overdramatic.. If they win they’re in your face; if they lose, they’re crying and nonaccepting…. They’re only happy when they get THEIR way.. .and will trample on everyone else (including other Republicans) to BE NUMBER ONE!! Well you reap what you sew!! America has showed you that your need to stay out of everyone’s business and stick to the economy!!! I hope you wake up and distance yourself from the people and issues that were your downfall…. Tea Parties are for children….You should DUMP THE “TEA” IN THE HARBOR….

  • patamho

    Your post is wrong,just a little, Obama didn’t win because of the electoral vote, He also won the Popular vote by a final tally of almost 3 million. Having the electoral college allows a clear winner to get a point(electoral vote) and move on. Without the electoral college, Romney would have fought tooth and nail for every single vote, and each election for POTUS hereafter would take weeks, and their would be lawsuits every step of the way.If you think voter fraud is bad now, think of how bad it would be without the electoral college

  • Ruth

    Of course it was voter fraud big time! By the way! people are not crying b/c themselves like you takers, they are crying b/c the lost of the country. Thanks to some people without common sense we’ve lost a great man, great leader. He has been called so many names with no reason. But congratulations you have chosen a grate loser that the only thing did for the last 4 years is to blame someone, put 47 million people in food stamps and get us where we are now the trouble economy to get us to the physical cliff. I hope this will be a teaching lesson for all you that chose selfishness than love to your country. But Mitt will come back stronger than ever next term to show all of you potatoes heads that he can the greatest leader. I hope it will be not too late for all of us. God bless America

    • patamho

      physical cliff hahahaha your ignorance is overwhelming. No liberal ever said “here take my money and give it to the lazy ass over there.” watch “Romney flip flop compilation” on you tube, its just romney talking, no one else. ruth please put some shoes on and get out of the kitchen, learn something about politics, and its Fiscal cliff and the 47 percent are the people not interested in voting for a lunatic but it was actually over 50%, who wears special underwear his church makes him buy, and his god is a 6″ 2′ man from the Planet Kolob

    • Ruth

      hahahahahahhhh Don’t you make you think yours too…. Yes moran that’s is what i meant. Soon all of us will need a physical therapy b/c you damn liberals. And tell me wich planet you’re coming from ????? easy to know the planet of the TAKERS.

    • Ruth


  • truthpolice

    What a racist whackjob thing to say. They are mourning our country and the idiots like you who unwittingly vote for socialism that WILL bring loss of personal freedoms and individual sovereignty. You’re stupid!

  • truthpolice

    What a racist whackjob thing to say. They are mourning our country and the idiots like you who unwittingly vote for socialism that WILL bring loss of personal freedoms and individual sovereignty. You’re stupid!

  • truthpolice

    What a racist whackjob thing to say. They are mourning our country and the idiots like you who unwittingly vote for socialism that WILL bring loss of personal freedoms and individual sovereignty. You’re stupid!

  • Ibelieveinthedream

    What a grossly racist article! My ancestors helped to form the Republican Party to end slavery because they understood all people have intrinsic value because God made us and loves us. When we debase others, we are allowing for the degregation of all people. You are no better than any other racist, you’re just more open about it.

  • CommonSense

    An ignorant post for an ignorant writer and political party. Get a sense of maturity before writing idiotic posts like this.

  • ymancilla

    What they are mourning is the the public rejected there ignorant racist chicken farming rural culture left over from the 19th century and this is coming from a white guy that lives in the south

  • D H Vann

    Hello, All,

    It is as I predicted when George Bush, Jr. was first elected–the Country and the World would never be the same.

    After 911, I predicted that the World would never be the same for Caucasian people; the adults’ children and grandchildren would never know again the freedom of the world, the freedom of travel, etc.

    After the Election of November 6, 2012, I predicted that our Great Country would no longer belong to the power of the few, that the Caucasians would no longer be able to dictate the policy of this Country without hearing from all of the people in the Land.

    I predict that this wonderful Country shall become as our Forefathers intended–Of The People, By The People, And For The People!

  • Ben

    White people are so pathetic….

  • Major Migraine

    They look like Germans when they heard the German Army was defeated in the Baltics in the latter part of WWII… just sayin’… they expressions are not much different if you look at the pics from that period.


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