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Sounds About White: Man Serves Friends Tacos Made From His Amputated Foot

In what can only be described as the most white people sh*t you will probably ever hear in your lifetime, a man has admitted to serving his friends tacos made from his amputated foot ... and his friends were in on the whole thing. Happy Taco Tuesday!

White People Stuff: Pouring Milk All Over Yourself, Calling It “Milking”

In this day and age, people will do just about ANYTHING for attention on the Internet. First there was "Planking," then "Teapotting," then "Owling,"...

60 Moving Images of White People Mourning Mitt Romney

For most, President Barack Obama's second election victory this past Tuesday night (Nov 6) was a happy and momentous occasion. Unfortunately that wasn't the...

White People Games: Let’s Punch Each Other in the Face for Fun!!!

This is a sad, sad world. Black people have issues. A lot of issues. But you know what? Black folks don't sit around and...

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