If Chief Keef isn’t going around giving half-assed interviews, calling Lil Wayne a “homo,” or tweeting insensitive remarks about a young rapper’s shooting death (and then claiming “I got hacked!“) … he’s posting inappropriate pics on Instagram for his teen fan base to see. (What a role model!)

Over the weekend, Keef tweeted a lewd photo of himself receiving oral sex from a female fan … who doesn’t look very female-ish, we must add.

Keef later attempted to delete the image, but by then, it was too late. Many of his followers had already took a screenshot and/or retweeted it.

So for the sake of all young people and the rest of humanity, Instragram shut down Keef’s account and banned him from the photo-sharing social network.

Keef, of course, wasn’t happy about this at all and tweeted:

We  guess getting kicked off Instagram for posting oral sex pics … is that shit Chief Keef “Don’t Like.”

This kid should definitely consider writing a book on what NOT to do as an up and coming rap star. Something he knows like the back of his ashy, tattooed hand.