Did Laura Govan from “Basketball Wives L.A.” Lose Too Much Weight?

When Laura Govan showed up in the season 2 premiere of “Basketball Wives L.A.”, most viewers probably had to do a double take. That’s because the girl with the big mouth and even bigger attitude was suddenly sauntering around on camera in a thin, waif-like body.

As Laura conversed with her little sister Gloria during the first episode of season 2, we couldn’t help but notice how prominent her collar bone was with her new body. In fact, all of her features have now become rather harsh and angular.

Don’t get us wrong, Laura DEFINITELY needed to shed a few pounds during the first season. She was shaped like a Tasmanian devil and she looked bloated and swollen in every scene. But maybe she should put about 10 lbs. back on? Just to soften up her features a little bit.

Laura’s weight loss, which happened completely off-camera, is apparently something she’s not too keen on being specific about. But she did admit that she lost a jaw-dropping 90 lbs.

In an interview with Uptown magazine, Laura says she’s a natural-born athlete and that the weight fell off once she resumed physical activity and made changes in her diet. No quick fixes here!

Here are Laura’s own words on her weight loss from the interview:

Well, naturally I was 117 pounds. Within three months of delivering my first child, I was back to my natural size. As I’ve had more and more children the weight stayed on. I had to change my mind first. I had to make up my mind that I wanted to lose weight, but I still ate like I was pregnant.

Once I finally made up my mind, I took those goals and I ran with them. I am an athlete. I play basketball and trained at every level. I had to learn to work out with my children. I changed my diet. I changed who I was and it just came off. You really have to change your mind and attitude and everything else will follow. I enjoy working out.

It’s good that Laura was able to motivate herself to get off her lazy butt and do something about her oversized figure. Too many women spend more time making excuses than putting in that work on the treadmill.

So a round of applause for Laura. But still, pick up a Big Mac every now and again too.

  • raw

    This article is kinda harsh don’t you think? That chick was never “oversized”…a little plump maybe but damn!

  • carling5

    Did she lose too much weight? Hell, no! The woman looks GREAT!!! People said the same stupid sh!t about Jennifer Hudson and it pisses me off. This ‘we need to be thick’ mentality is keeping black women with diabetes, high blood pressure, and FAT. Laura should be applauded for her hard work and discipline not criticized. She looks wonderful now. Good for her!

  • MizzOrlando

    I heard this was a lap band!

  • MyssRell

    I my opinion she did loose to much weight. Her face looks sunken in and bones are popping out. Kuddos for the weight loss but maybe she shouldve lost only 70 or 80 lbs

  • kg

    Wyd looks awesome. It kilos me these gossip columns love to tqlk abt shit they know nothing about. Rediculous. Yall dont knw how these people operate. Uuuuuugh. So Stupid.

  • FemmeK

    Damnit!!! A person can’t win at losing. She makes up her mind to change her lifestyle and lose what she feels is an adequate amount of weight and now you’re trying to tell her to eat a big mac. There must be a shortage of actual topics to write about.

  • Iveseenitall

    You just have to know when enough weight has been lost , she looks good but some people are just going over board.