Why Tami Roman is (Hopefully) Coming Off Television (For Good)

“Basketball Wives” is a VH1 show that features eight women, not one of which is actually in a successful marriage to a basketball player. (However, to be fair, a few of them are in the middle of divorcing players, or former players).

The show features an episodic formula that, if narrated, always include something like this:

“Soo… we’re getting all the girls back together tonight because the last time we all had dinner, it got kind of out of hand.”

Cut to a scene of women, predominantly black women, yelling at each other, getting out of their seats, and eventually getting violent with one another.

“I don’t know what happened, but one second we were all eating dinner and someone said something about Tami, and before I could figure out what was going on, Tami was getting carried out by security.”

Tami. Tami Roman.

I generally don’t make a habit of singling out a person and putting the weight of the world’s issues squarely on their shoulders. Well, with the exception of Sarah Palin, but that’s a different story for a different person who shouldn’t be allowed in front of a camera.

But Tami, I’m putting the weight of what’s wrong with reality television on you. And Shaunie O’Neal. And VH1. (What can I say? I’m feeling generous.)

WATCH: Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 13

For those of you that don’t know, Tami Roman is a former MTV Real World-er from back when the show mattered.

According to her bio on VH1.com, “Roman left The Real World and started living in it.”

They refer to her has “an impact player,” which is a slight of hand way of referencing last season’s cat fight where Roman’s wrath was unleashed on cast member, Meeka Claxton.

Meeka is no longer on the show, probably because she was uncomfortable returning to a show that allowed her to be violently assaulted on camera, by none other than Banshee Tami (her new name).

While Roman is credited with having an acting career, heading a foundation for girls, and being a financial executive, the most interesting of her credits is probably her biggest responsibility… Roman is a parent.

In the most recent installment of the program, Banjee Tami is upset with fellow “basketball wife” (BBW) Kesha Nichols.

Nichols said something about Banshee Tami to someone else in the circle. Banshee Tami didn’t like that and decided to confront Kesha.

When she didn’t get the same level of angry response from Kesha, Tami escalates the situation by taking Kesha’s belongings, telling her that if she wanted them back she’d have to come get them from her.

Like a high school child, Roman goes on to rifle through the purse, read through the enclosed cell phone, and the like. She continues bullying Kesha until she eventually returns her things, only after having been reported to the authorities.

It baffles me… no, enrages… no, no… it bafflerages me that VH1 and Shaunie O’Neal can put this on television with a clear conscience.

Maybe they don’t have a clear conscience, but they definitely put this on TV. But I’m more extra-super curious how Tami watches her own show with her two daughters and discusses with them about their her behavior and decisions.

What does she say to them that would make them not want to go bully the other school kids, and treat them the way she’s treated other women on the show?

Here’s my problem: Women like Roman continue to perpetuate the image of black women as angry, violent, and altogether mean.

Even removing the black factor, Roman is the perfect example of a woman who, unfortunately, is a role model to young women, NOT by the virtue of her celebrity status on a television show, but because of the work she does in her private life with young girls.

Roman is the portrait of someone who needs professional help, much more than we’re aware that she’d received at the time of this episode’s airing. She has a voice and a platform that reaches millions every week and every week somehow displays like Monday night’s are the way she decides to use it.

I stopped watching the show before the premiere of the current season when I saw the promos for the return of the show for season four. It featured women yelling, arguing, climbing over tables and physically fighting with each other and I said I just wouldn’t watch.

I wasn’t alone, public figures and peers alike also had a similar response. Even reality television junkie, and friend in our heads, Wendy Williams said “no more.”

Tonight, at a friend’s house, the show happened to be on and before we could get 20 minutes in I had to get up leave the room because I was so irritated with what I was seeing and hearing. I couldn’t believe it was really playing out in front of me in high definition (and really well saturated color).

When will we stop allowing people like Tami and shows like Basketball Wives to depict the images and tell the stories of hate, anger, and violence as somehow being “real?” What is it going to take for us to say “enough is enough?”

VH1: shame. Shaunie O’Neal: shame. Tami Roman: double scoop of shame.

If you’re watching the show, stop. If you haven’t, don’t. If you’d never heard of it before, count your blessings.

But then again, what do I know?

PS: After the airing of the above mentioned episode Tami Roman posted an apology (below), Additionally, the victim of Roman’s wrath, Kesha Nichols decided to post a blog on bullying (also below, with a link to read the full thing).

Roman’s Apology: “I don’t apologize for it 2b accepted — that is ultimately the other person’s right to accept or deny it. My only responsibility is to acknowledge a mistake was made and own up to it. I apologize to my family, my REAL friends, my business colleagues, and my Project Girl ladies 4my recent behavior on BBW. I am NOT a bully as depicted on the show, but I did make poor decisions in handling my differences with my cast mate. I sincerely apologize to all of us, as well as to my castmate who was on the receiving end of my wrath.”

Nichols’ Post: “As a person who prides myself on turning lemons in lemonade, I had no idea how to turn the negative display of human behavior seen in Episode 12 into something positive, until now. Instead of knit picking, pointing fingers and calling names, I decided to educate myself on the issue at hand. I would like to share some of this information with you now, because when we know better, we do better.” To read Nichols’ complete comments click here.

Written By: Jarrett Hill
Contributing Editor for Gossip On This
Follow Jarrett on Twitter: @JarrettHill

  • mrsamazn


    • EBJ

      Is your caps lock broken?

  • Melenese

    Sooo maybe @ Tami Roman would not need to be apologizing had she read her own T-shirts”I’m going to need u to rephrase that”

    • Reanjo

      That apology didnt really seem sincere anyways. The way I read it, it is just to pacify those who are calling her actions as they really are. And if she were really sincere, the real thing to do, is call Keisha by name, not just refer to her as “castmate”

  • No longer watching BBW

    It was a very disturbing episode that made me cry and I think Tami Roman is a bully and was a complete embarrassment. Complete thug , what a shame.

    • thom

      It mad me cry because I was a Tammi fan and she slowly but SURELY has made me feel stupid for being a fan. She needs to go!!! America is full of bullies and there is no place for it on rv. No matter what u dont take someones properrty and go through their phone. Thats called a thief! Regardless to what the case maybe. U should not have to ask for your own properrty! Suzi needs to go also hecause she should have told Tammi what Keisha said in the first place. Why would she unless she wanted to keep the bullying going. She is a troublemaker. And I dont understand why Evelyn and Shaunie stand around and laugh and allow Tammi to act like that. That shows that they are bullies also. Im going to end this by saying none of them are from the real world where it really goes down because they all would be beat up.

    • Guahan

      I agree that Suzie needs to go too. She definitely plays both sides of the fence and everytime something goes down she ‘s got her hand in it stirring up the pot. She ‘s fake and annoying! 

    • EBJ

      Shes no thug. Sounds kind of ignorant to me.

    • Yeah ya are!!

    • Ponaism144

      EBJ- just like you buddy!

    • EBJ

      It didnt make me cry.

  • Tami just don’t get it.  That is not an apology, she still thinks that she is not wrong and there is no remorse, she only cares about what people think of her, she only cares what people are saying about her, she doesn’t like it that people are bullying her, Tami feels that she can be the one to bully who ever she wants to bully, but that no one can do it to her, she sounds like some high school idiot.  Now every time I see this chick all I see evil, pure evil ugly fat hag of a beast, sorry, but that is what I see now.  Alll of them, Shaunie Evelyn Tami Suzie are all ugly evil no good for nothing worthless bunch of bullies, that is all I see when I look at them, to me there are nothing, they are just worthless not even human beings, they are so bad so evil so ugly, Tami you’re such a damn evil ugly beast of a bully, just stop you bully just stop.

    • EBJ

      Well dont watch the show.

  • niley

    while this may sound a little ridiculous I can understand tami. One thing is, Keisha dont talk and say you could have went off on her when you know you truly would not and would just sit there and cry because your lying to royce yourself and big mouth news carrier suzie. Tami is a big dog who will never let comments just lye, she has to show that noone will every have the oppurtunity to talk about her if she knows about it and its very sad that tami looks at going off on people as one of her most important thing to do in her life. I can careless, tami is a dog and her actions are going to continue until she drops dead of a heart attack because she lets peoples little comments bother her until she blows out. She better hope that she can find god because you cannot continue down this path

    • wan

      Its called insecurity! If u r sure in yourself , why would u care what someone says about u. Tammi needs to grow up and stop trying to be a butthole all the time. I wish Kesha would have called the cops on her because she is a thief and thats what she deserved. I feel sorry for her kids. Could u imagine having an embaraasing mom like that.

    • Bria

      Yeah, Kesha did say all of those things didnt she?  When she was asked about it by Tami she may have or may have not remembered ever saying that.  Whether she did or didnt remember is not the problem though. This is the problem that the entire world needs to take heed to…PEOPLE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT YOU. WE LIVE IN AMERICA, FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS SOMETHING THAT IS VALUED. NO ONE ON THIS PLANET IS EXEMPT FROM BEING RIDICULED. EVERYONE HAS DONE IT AND EVERYONE HAS BEEN A VICTIM OF NEGATIVE COMMETARY. IF YOU CLAIM THAT YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TALKED ABOUT OR HAVE NOT TALKED ABOUT OTHERS YOU ARE EITHER LYING, IGNORANT OR IN DENIAL.  IF YOU ARE BEING TALKED ABOUT IN A NEGATIVE MANNER, LEARN FROM IT. IF IT IS TRUE OWN IT.  

    • Jlcincy

       I totally agree!  It’s never what someone else does, it’s OUR reaction to it. Tami chose to act in an immature manner and bully someone else. Whether Kesha did or didn’t say it, is irrelevant. Tami chose to bully her and the other women participated or stood by and watched. Sad programming…and sadder still is that like Jersey Shore (where people equally act absurd) there is a market for this. People WANT to see things like this!

    • EBJ

      Fix your cap lock.

    • EBJ

      Kesha should have kept her mouth shut. Crybaby.

    • EBJ, I have read your post. You are are very, I mea VERY SUSPECT!!

  • MKW

    I am truly glad that people are calling out Tami Roman for exactly what she now is, which is a “bully”! The bully’s manhandling of Kesha was very disturbing to say the least. Shame on all the cast members who were present as well as the production team who were all complicit in this flagrant abuse of Kesha. Evelyn and her assistant’s behavior towards Jennifer was just as vile. This has become a theme in these shows and must not be tolerated. I must commend Kesha who truly is a lady, on her handling of the bully, Tami.

    • EBJ

      Kesha is no lady , SHE WAS SCARED.

    • Ponaism144

      I’m beginning to see the child here that never grew up…EBJ- time for bed buddy!


    Yes Tami needs to go! It is very apparent that the girl doesnt know how to act. Go ahead and do it Shaunie, and Shaunie dont listen to the big execs that love the negative portrayal of our beautiful black women.  Bottom line she had her chance and she blew it. No one wants to see her antics. You are already rich and established have a caring heart for the millions of impressionable young black girls who will in fact do what they see, You shouldnt want to be responsible and to aid in further delaying our young girls. We have enough obstacles to over come and face without Tami bringing us down.        Get her off and bring Meeka back, SHe never had a real chance.  Tami always reps where she is from but let her know that where she if from is PURE IGNORANCE! Its nothing to be proud of. Disrespecting, bullying, slapping, cursing out all the of her antics must go. SO we can get back to the real story line- l loved the show when it first came on. It was about real life stories that we go thru, friendship, love, divorce, small petty verbal fights. Not all this tyring to kill for nothing It serves Tami right to be cyber bullied . Let her Know that
     **************************TAMI CANT BEAT UP THE ENTIRE  WORLD***************************

    Keep Jennifer on the show: A very classy, beautiful, ambitious black women who is also not perfect and makes mistakes as we all do.

    • Keeping it Real

      Because of Shaunie’s wealth is the reason she allows such behavior on her show. I see her as being the queen of drama for allowing Tami, Evelyn, Naya whatever her name is to bully people on her show. Shaunie is rich and really don’t care about know one on her show. She is not better than Tami!!!

  • EBJ

    Tami was NO bully. Kesha should have kept her mouth shut. Kesha was the one talking big shit behind ppl’s back. Dont dish something you cant take back out. Kesha boo boo dont talk mess if you cant defend yourself. KEEP YOUR 4’10 MOUTH ASS SHUT.

    • TM

      You think she is not a bully???? Then what the hell makes someone a bully in your eyes???? Ooohhh, you were a bully in school….

    • EBJ

      I was never a bully. Tami kept it real. Kesha should have kept her mouth shut. Thats what happens when you talk shit and you cant back it up. Stop dogging her. Half you hoes probably did what she did.

    • Guahan

      Just like a B**tch knows B***ch when she sees one, a bully stands behind a bully too. You’re just as pathetic as she is.

    • EBJ

      The only one pathetic is yo mouthafucking ass. Dumb ass bitch. Kesha should kept her fucking mouth closed. I bet she wont talk shit to another black woman.

    • honesty4u

      You clearly are an ignorant idiot to defend Tami. You really need to reevaluate (is that word to big for you?) who your role models are. SMDH

    • EBJ

      Get a better nickname. You wouldnt say it to my face. Thank you for hiding behind a computer.

    • tHAT IS TAMI HIDING, THE BULLY THAT SHE IS.. booooooooooooo booooooooooooooooo

    • Gjdavis05

      This is Tami the Bully everybody. The coward and bully is responding to all these comments. You all know no one is supporting this fool. Stop responding to this nutcase.
      She’s sick.

    • Rayzon7

      What about all the Shit Tami, Evelyn and wack ass Suzie said about her???  She didn’t confront her because at the end of the day it didn’t matter to her.  Tami will sit her tired rusty ass down and talk shit about everyone until someone says something about her and then she comes out acting like a total ass.  You are defending a person who ADMITTED she did wrong, you damn dummy!  All the girl said was “I could have went off on her, but”……….that was no reason for her to perform the way she did, I don’t give a damn.  And another damn thing that little crap Kesha did say was nothing compared to Evelyn sleeping with Kenny Anderson while HE was still married to Tami.  With that they fought but even that wasn’t as tumultuous as ep 12 on Monday.  So EBJ you can go’head with that bullshit message that you are not very good at trying to get across.

    • EBJ

      Im supporting tami. You guys are trashy and ghetto.

    • Lavne

      Wow! So I guess anyone that you have ever talked about has the right to come after you like that! Anyone who is that concerned about someone talking about them is weak, insecure and has absolutely no self-esteem! When you’re confident in yourself, what other people say just don’t matter! Like I’ve said before, if Jesus Christ can be talked about – then so can Tami….she ain’t the Lord! She needs help and so does anyone who defends her. Also, the comebacks with all the cursing only makes you look as foolish as her – perhaps you should join her therapy sessions.

    • EBJ

      Maybe yo ass need jesus. Dumb hoe.

    • Darlenerubalcava

      E Blow Job just wants attention. I bet your are as ghetto as tami. Jack ass.

    • Reanjo

      I feel sorry for ANYONE who defends Tami’s behavior because that tells me you are JUST like her. She (and you) are a disgrace to all women, especially women of color. The world expects us to act like that, and people like you just perpetuate this stereotypical ghetto thug behavior. Sad…

    • EBJ

      First Im not no thug. I recoginize REAL. Tami Kept it REAL. Kesha was talking mess. Dont act like she so innocent. Kesha need to put a filter on her mouth. Call me out my name again , Im gonna show you a disgrace. Talking shit behind a computer.

    • EBJ CAN;T DO S–T

    • Guahan

      First of all I wasn’t calling you a  B***ch, I was making a comparison. Which brings me to say that people who take offense to something so quickly without rationalizing really have some major insecurities. Now the pathetic part I meant that one, because anyone who condones this type of bullying behavior is really crying out for some help. You shouldn’t be calling anyone a dumb ass when clearly you can’t seem to spell. So let me correct, Your Mother Fucking Ass!

    • EBJ

      It wasnt bullying. Tami defended herself.

    • Bnwoods

      I see how keeping it “REAL” aint working for you either. LOL :-)

    • EBJ

      Not funny but thank you for trying.

    • Guahan

      Touche! that was a good one lol!

    • Bria

      I wasnt trying to be funny in order gain likes. I thought it was funny and that is all that matters to me.  I was just pointing something out to you (through humor whether its dry or not) that you should consider.  Being “Real” is not all it cracks up to be.  From the looks of it you have been “REAL” with everyone that has something negative to say about your opinion.  And I see that you have been constantly returning to the site in order to TRY and make everyone else feel like thier opinion isnt valid. Not trying to start shit with you at all but maybe you and Ms. Tami are in the same boat. And FYI, talk about me all you want IM AM VERY SECURE WITH MY POSITION AND I AM NOT GOING TO START A WAR ON THE INTERNET. JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.

    • EBJ

      Bria  is your cap locks broken ? Cheap ass hoe. Get it fixed.

    • Guahan

      Ok Tami Junior call it what you want to.

    • EBJ

      Im not tami junior. Kesha wasnt the innocent one. She talked about suzie & kenya like dogs. Hopefully her ass will be off the show. Boring hoe.

    • GodIsReal

      Everyone, this individual is trying to bait people into verbal confrontations and having fun doing so…..don’t comment on these posts anymore.

    • EBJ

      BYE BYE. If you dont like it , dont read it.

    • Caribbean Mix

      Ignorance isnt the word for you- i serve an awesome God so i wont say what is but just to the way you are responding to persons here any word i can use would be to big for you to understand. So read this and i do hope you respond to it: The devil shows up many different shapes and forms, he uses whoever or whatever he needs to make something go wrong. The fact at hand is that Tami was very disrespectful, im mix and had the same problem-not being accepted is hard, but not being heard is even harder. Keisha asked Ev how to approach tami (not talked behind her back) and when she talked to suzie and royce-did you see royce tell tami what keisha said, nope but suzie did! I can appreciate a gud show but this one went to far. Suzie took what was said out of context and as usual neva said how she intiated the whole conversation. if this is too much for you to handle or comprehen then come to my Caribbean island- we can make a time of it and i can tell you to your face AND NOT BEHIND A COMPUTER. We dont sue over here!

    • EBJ

      Im very educated thank you very much.


      EBJ,  if you were educated you would know that an apostrophe goes between I and M when spelling the word I’m.

    •  I like your comment, I really like it because it’s so true.  Thank you, you are right on everything especially about how the show went down, I saw it, too, but it might be hard for eriqjordan92 to comprehend, I mean he saw the show, you would think he saw what we saw, but nope, again it’s too big for him, oh well.  Again, thanks for your comment.

    • KMA

      EBJ we know that you are Tami taking up for yourself, go some where and bury your head in a whole and hide, you just like Tami, Evelyn,Shaunie and Susie are all ( irrelevant).

    • EBJ

      It wasnt that irrelevant because you on MY comment.


      Even Tami’s ghetto unclassy ass would be so embarrassed and offended to know that you were defending her, that’s how rediculous you are. You’re calling people ghetto and trashy, but you are the biggest one of them all. You say you’re educated, yet you seem to have a very short list of vocabulary words, and the few words that you do know, you can’t even spell correctly. FYI, when people type in caps they are emphasizing they’re opinion STUPID!. How do you even have access to a computer?, but most of all HOW THE HELL DID YOU MAKE IT THIS FAR IN LIFE?? Looks like you could use some typing etiquette along with some lessons on manners. I have to admit that at first I was laughing my ass off at all the feed back you were getting from other people but really I feel sorry for you. No one is born with class, it is learned, that means that you still have hope. GOOD LUCK!

    • EBJ

      Bitch its spelled Ridiculous. Before getting on me , How about your TRASY ass get a better name and learn how to spell.

    •  What’s the matter, boo boo? Everybody is hating on Tami and it’s getting you mad?  Awwww, we really don’t care, all I know I can express how I feel about the episode and the people that started this whole fiasco, and hell you can too put your stupid comments on here, but we know that when we read your comments we can see that you are just a little mean high school evil ugly bully, that’s all.  Go on little girl, go on now, go go to school and learn, please go because your comments sounds stupid, go go now go on, go to school and learn, oh maybe you want to try and speak with someone that can help you to learn about good moral values and how to treat human beings, yeah that is what you need.  bye bye now little girl, I mean little mean evil ugly bully!

  • Marsha middleton

    As I watched the BBW, which none of them really are, I was saddened to see such action of black women acting like something from another planet. Tami Roman is truly a bully, Suzie is not a friend to anyone and a coward, Shaunie tries to play the innoncent role, which she is disgusting in, and Evelyn, the next bully that represents all women in a negative way. It puzzles me why this kind of behavior is allowed on television while bullying and bad treatment is so present today. Please, is there one postive thing in you? DO YOU EVEN KNOW OR HEARD OF THE GOLDEN RULE?

    • Maduchie

      Because Shaunie had an idea for T.V. after Shaq did what he did, and the hostility
      is an outlook and a transfer of shame and pain, I aint no psychologist, but I aint stupid
      either these woman are addicted to drama!!!!!!!!! hola back

    • EBJ

      Stop blaming  black women. The black women I see on this thread are TRASHY. Thats the disgrace.

  • CandyGrrl

    I absolutely hated episode 12 of bbw that aired monday. I swear i was screaming at the tv the whole time….. why didn’t Evelyn and Shaunie stand up to Tami about bullying Kesha. They sat there so silently the whole time while that poor girl was being tormented. Suzie is the biggest BITCH i have ever seen ….. how she gonna run behind Kesha back to tell Tami what was said, knowing the kind of person Tami is…. and then run to go check if Kesha was ok like she really cared.

    • Angela Beasley

      None of them stood up to her because they are all scared of her.

    • EBJ

      Dont blame suzie. If kesha was A REAL WOMAN , she would have told it to her face.

  • Sherilyn

    I disagree with everyone.  I am ashamed of most of the womens behavior on this show, but I have to say although it should have been handled differently, I was disgusted with keisha’s behavior with Kenya and Tami as well. She is a liar and pretends she is so innocent.  I am a firm believer that if you are going to talk trash, you need to back it up and atleast own up to it.  Tami calm down but much love for you!!!

    • TM

      Really??? So u agree with being a bully???  That is what is wrong with society today, people like you think it is ok to treat people this way because they say something you do not like or about you, act like an adult, show some class and don’t act like up were not taught any manners. They are grown ass women,

    • EBJ

      Who the hell are you ? T.D Jakes ? No one is perfect. Go preach that gospel stuff to the fake christians that will listen to that BS.

    • Tha1question

      EBJ you are an ass!

    • Lavine

      Wow, I wonder if you would take that position if it was your daughter being bullied by Tami. No one deserves that kind of abuse and “so what’ if Keisha was talking about Tami…who the hell is she that she can’t be talked about. People talked about Jesus Christ and the last time I checked….Tami is not the Lord! She talks about people all the time and is a hyprocrital phoney to expect anything different. There is ABSOLUTELY  no excuse for Tami’s actions and her weak apology falls on death ears. Shame on anybody who sides with her!

    • Bria

      Kesha did not lie about anything. No one on Earth is completly innocent.  Everyone has skeletons in their closet.  A grown woman does not let her past follow her into the present or future.  That is what Tami does everytime she lashes out on someone. If anyone REALLY watches the show, if you have half of a brain you would know that TAMI HAS TALKED TRASH AND HAS NOT BACKED IT UP OR OWNED UP TO IT.  That is the entire reason behind the fight she had with Meeka Claxton.  Meeka called Tami out for speaking negatively about the “IN” Crowd. Tami did not want to questioned because she had finally been accepted by the “IN” Crowd.  Meeka brought this conversation up and she was mushed in the face for being “REAL” for the first time during her duration on the show. Kenya is a victim of bullying too.  She actually deserves it though.  Kenya is trying not to be the punching bag of the group.  Also, Kenya has a personal problem with Kesha because she no longer wanted to be a part of Kenya’s bootlegg music video.  Kenya wants the heat off of her back just like Suzy wants the heat off of her back. Kenya and Suzy have done the same things the entire season.  They do whatever it takes to keep the wolf pack from devouring them.  If it means sacrificing another cast-member, that is what they will do. Unfortunately, this does not work for Kenya like it works for Suzy.

    •  You’re right about Tami on how she talked about everyone and can’t back it up, and never own up to any of her doing, but got nerve to be up in their faces telling them what they should or should not do, shameful…

  • Guahan

    Im so sick and tired of people who sugar coat their irrational behavior as being ” REAL” . It’s never okay to mistreat people, EVER. It’s sad to see an opportunity to be a positive romodel that teaches our young ones how to be respectful and classy,  wasted away by women who act completely vicious, and I must say tacky! Some of these women have children that’s the crazy thing! Women, please get it together it’s embarrassing and if you think it’s you just being “REAL”, you’re sadly mistaken because most people in their right mind call it being unstable.

  • What a disgrace the bullying episode of BBW. Tami should be ashamed of herself as a daughter, sister, mother, woman, etc.. I have never been so shocked watching TV (since retirement, just started to watch reality shows and never wanted to see snooki’s show). I can not believe you. You started in the van from the airport, with the ??? instructions on how to cough. Guess you folk who defended this outragious behavior did not see the previous weeks’ show when Tami judge, jury and executioner, decided to make a federal case out of how to cover your mouth when you cough. I AM GONE, DONE WATCHING THIS SHOW AND VH1. You do not understand the platform you have and how you blew this. As for all the other exes of basketball players, ditto. I was a school social worker and can not believe that 15 years later I would be watching a woman over 40 years old doing what some second graders were doing to another second grader. A person can say what they want, you can not be arrested for saying words, but you can be arrested for stealing and going through someones purse. If you do not like what someone says about you, you need to be in a different business, cause you are surely being talked about now, and not in a good way. Are you going to come after all of us and @#$*^$() some a$$, or comfront us? Will be with Windy Williams and let the network know. Like Jennifer said, do things the right way, on paper. I will let all my friends, even those who dare not watch, vote to boycott this circus. You all should be ashamed.

    • EBJ

      Well dont watch it. I will watch it.

    • EBJ, you are such a jerk. if you keep watching, that means you support this show!! What planet are you from?

  • abriance baker

    Please click on the following link to sign the petition to Cancel VH1’s Basketball Wives Reality Series…


    • EBJ

      Im goin watch the show. I saw nothing wrong.

  • Angela Beasley

    What kills me about this whole thing is that not only is Tami acting like a twelve year old with serious psychiatric issues, Evelyn sat there and helped her go through Kesha’s purse.  Did anyone notice that?  These are grown a** women doing this crap.  My God, Evelyn has a grown daughter meaning she could actually be a grand-mother and she’s going through someone’s phone?  Who does this?  And then the entire crew (including Shawnee) putting fish in Kenya’s room like its all good.  Am I watching a group of 8 year olds??  Are these grown women?  Tami has REAL REAL serious psychological issues and needs A LOT of help!  And then Evelyn (Ms. Hold Me Back) and her ghetto-A** assistant who basically jumped all over Jennifer like a prison gang.  Whew!  They’re all a huge embarrassment to African American women with the exception of Kesha who had the sense to walk away.  I just hope this is all a planned production and not indicative of who they truly are.

    • EBJ

      Shaunie. Learn to spell.
      They dont represent the whole race. Sounds a little ignorant to me.
      Its a show. Youb dont have to watch it. You choose to watch it.

    • Ponaism144

      EBJ..your missing the point…go and be an english teacher!


      Regardless bif its a show, being as though Shaunie is black (why) show black women in this negativity!!!!!!  And Shaunie is to blame as all of them are its called Evelyn and Taimi are BULLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/TamiRomanPleaseTakeMyPurseIf U r against bullying go here and leave a comment

  • What a condescending apology if u dont care whether it is accepted y do it dripping with sarcasm she dont look like a Keisha but a Lisa how freakkin nastin can u b to another human being under the guise of wanting respect and keepin it real yeah we saw the real person and her therapy is really not being effective she needs a refund.  That was one of the worst displays of character towards another human being that I have ever seen just horrible to treat another human being like that and had the girls purse in her suitcase how did she possible think any of this was justifiable.
    Disgusting behavior. 
    so what everybody talks there is no code everyone does it at one time or another in the privacy of their home or to their friends we have all been there Tami is not the talk police she does it too on camera we r not children thats the way of the world grow up and furthermore she wasnt hurt by anything that was said and nothing warrants this behavior and no one surely deserves this inhumane behavior.

  • So u agree with bulling I guess u do as Tami does 
    if u r aginst bullying in any form go to http://www.facebook.com/TamiRomanPleaseTakeMyPurse
    like this page in support of no bullying plz

  • Tami is a despicable, uncontrollable bully, who would never try this shyt with Nene or Marlo. Nene would have been like: “What”? “My Purse” “B”  You out your mind. Nene would have swung her from Tahiti back to Oakland, California, where Marlo would have been waiting to throw that bytch back over the Continent. One day, Tami is going to run into the “Right” person and it will be a wrap for that coward.

  • Rosie

    Tami will be better off on a womens prison show as a pure evil ugly hag that she is.  your a bully and shame to your game girl ….you are a fine example of what a fourty+ bully looks like…just saying if the shoe fits wear it.  change your stlye and go for anger management you will need it sooner than you think…

  • LOVETIP2222

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  • LOVETIP2222

    Helll YEEEEEEE!!

    Finally It Happened…..I got rid of all my ISHHH from my cre dit report y’all – I was in a deep Gutta for 5 years. Coudn’t buy sheeet. Just approved for that 25k loan to buy a new CAMA ARO!!!

    IF YOU GOT PROBLEMS WITH THAT CR EDIT REPORT ISHH, GET IT CLEAN y’all.  YOu can get yours too, call these people at 877-278-5792   – they did an amazing job for me and fo a price that can’t be beat nowhere, cheap as fuck. Got Rid of all my Shyyyt.

    My homeboy was in terrible shape too, and he clean! Gettin a condo.

    Hit em up – they will help!!!!!

  • Audrey

    If Tami didn’t like what Keisha said which was ” She COULD HAVE gone off on her, but why ? ” that is what was said, Then she has alot of fighting ahead of her because the world is saying alot more then what Keisha said.  Don’t watch the show anymore because ALL them hoes are gold diggers and have nothing better to do with their time.  Shaunie was ALREADY stealing from Shaq, Evelyn was NEVER marrried, wonder why ? and the rest of them are cowards that just don’t have nothing going for themselves.  They didn’t say anything about Royce distancing herself from all the drama, but get mad @ Jen because she has better things going on in her life.  ALL that money and these ms’s don’t have nothing better to do ? Give a average hard working for your own money woman a reality show and I bet she have a alot more going on.  Watching LaLa and hope they don’t gear off track !

    • EBJ

      Well dont watch the show. You wont be missed.

    • Disgustedwiththisshow

      LOL…you are so sad. You are running around behind posts whining like Tami.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you are Tami. Everyone is entitled to express their opinion…not just the people who agree with you. The majority of people agree that Tami is a loser, Evelyn is a wannabe, Shaunie is a coward, and Suzie…there are just no words for Suzie. Everyone is free to express their thoughts…last I checked, this is America.

  • Cyndy

    Did anyone notice Tami coughing twice in the same exact way she admonished Kesha?  Hypocrite!  If I were Kesha, I would have never hugged Suzie because “Ms. Hate Drama”, ran back and told Tami what Kesha said that was not even said maliciously but in an exasperated manner.  What was appalling was that Shaunie cosigns that kind of behavior and says she tells them to bring it down a notch.  As the executive producer you carry more weight than that Shaunie.  America is on to you.

    • BrandyMHall

      Money hunger that”s all. the bad guys are 1. Shaunie, 2) Evelyn, 3) Tami and 4) Suzy that Nya chick is a non mutha fucking factor bitch! Shaunie is #1 because basically she is the head honcho and what she says goes and to allow the abuse of Meeka (even though I did not like her), Royce, Suzy (even though she deserves it with her big ass mouth), Kendra (with her crazy ass) , Jen and Kesha to go on is appalling. Evelyn # 2 for being a hater to Jen because she is no longer your puppy and finally has a mind of her own. So what if she wrote the blog, what she said was not that serious grow up your almost 40 get over it because you mam are a non mutha fucking factor who fiancee, husband whoever the fuck he is is dogging you out and his football career is almost over bitch! and even her behavior to Royce and Kendra. If I were Kendra I would have let that damn bottle hit me and would have sued her bum ass so fast! Tami use to be my girl but preying on people you consider weak and helpless is unacceptable. I was very disturbed and no matter what that girl said she clearly was not trying to go there with you and as she explain she said those things before you giys decided to start anew. You are 40 grow the hell up bitch! Suzy you are a weak ass trouble making bitch. You been in Kesha shoes with Evelyn how could you put someone through that? You know how that feels. Stop kissing Evelyn and Tami ass! Royce is your real friend bitch! not the wolf pack! they don’t even like you for real! Nya as I said before you are a non motha  fucking factor, stop trying to make yourself relevant. Jen has moved on and don’t need yo ass. I agree with Jen why the fuck were you there? anyway I’m done!

    •  Love Love Love your comments.  Thank you.  You’re so right about them.

  • Jeannie800

    I do agree Tami shame on you,Shaunie shame on you… and Shame on me for watching this mess.Really I felt awful for Keasha, you did act like an adult woman for not reacting to that   horrible mess. and suzie what the heck do you call yourself ?  I big troublemakes,scared of your shadow… Ha Ha on you… backstabber!!! Oh well God Bless keasha, Jen. Royce Kenya, Shaunie and Tani.. oops and Evelyn…..Suzie go to heck,chicken face…

  • JesusTakeTheWheel

    a person secure in who they are does not need to have violent aggressive conversations with people that are talking about them behind their back. it’s one thing if you have someone in your FRIENDS circle telling your secrets and backstabbing you because that means the relationship is toxic and you need to cut them off. but someone whom you declare over and over is not ‘in the circle’ should mean nothing to you. to make that much noise about words makes no sense. and it’s actually an oxymoron since tami herself said ‘people aren’t always going to say everything the way you like it’. so doesn’t that go both ways?
    my heart goes out to tami for all she’s endured but that is not the grounds to act like a ruffian just because someone offends you. and if EVERYONE offends you ALL THE TIME the problem isn’t them.
    my question is did we ever hear/read about tami getting into brawls before the show? tmz, bossip etc i don’t recall any issues with these women fighting as often as they do now that cameras are on them, which leads me to believe it’s all for show. because they know security will step in and the producers will prevent any real repercussions (such as the producers being upset with jennifer for calling the police after she got slapped)
    i really hope these women get HEALED…and it’s not just tami. how anyone can sit idly by and allow a person to demean another human being like that without saying a MUMBLING WORD is disturbing.

    •  I agree, Shaunie should have stepped in, but no she just sat there and let this Tami go off on Keisha, sorry but it was so shameful.  I was so disgusted with Shaunie and how she handles all this, to me she is just plain shallow evil spirited and just plain empty, she has no soul what so ever, she doesn’t care it seem for a person to just sit there and let it all go down that way, she is so pathetic a disgrace, oh well hope they read all the negative comments about them and see how they act when watching the show again, I’m hoping they should learn and change their behaviors, but if they didn’t do it before than they’re not doing it again because we have witnessed more bullying on this season.

  • EBJ

    You guys are just a bunch of haters. I bet half of you are classless , trashy and ghetto. Stop dgging her. Tami did NOTHING wrong. Kesha need to learn how to shut the hell up. You wanna act innocent but then talk shit ? Um No Hoe. It dont work like that. TEAM TAMI. Keep doing you and I will support you. Kesha take a lesson. Next time you might get your ass. You almost got ya ass beat by kenya. YOU SCARY HOE.

    • Gbfmusic

      Yes, why don’t you go steal some purses like Tami did with Kesha’s? In fact, get Tami to join you. That way, you both can be in jail and the world can be rid of you and your ignorance. P.S. If you are going to write foul language, the LEAST you can do is spell it correctly.

    • Eriqjordan92

      Bitch get fuck off my comment.

    •  Hey? Hey you? You like to talk a lot shit on this, but please if you are going to make stupid comments, call us out our names and curse at us, please please do us a favor and spell your words correctly, okay?

  • fortyfourxtwo

    Tami needs to go but so does this show.  It’s disgraceful and embarassing.  It plays to every single negative sterotype about women, BLACK women that there is. Shaunie O’Neal most of all should hang her head in shame, SHAME!  She is willingly putting out a product that degrades women! (Not to mention the fact that the NBA should sue her for fraud, not a one of these creatures is a Basketball Wife!) I’ve signed the petition asking, no demanding that VH1 take this crap OFF the air, there is no amount of fixing, rewriting or editing that they can do that will undo the damage this nasty, ugly show has done.  I’ve forwarded the petition to every woman and man that I know and asked them to do the same.  It’s not enuf to turn off the TV and say we won’t watch this garbage. Women in this country gavanized over Rush Limbaugh and his hateful comments about one of us, we have to do the same over this show.  It ceased being “entertainment” a long, long time ago, if it ever was.  Shame on you O’Neal and VH1 – shame, shame.

  • fortyfourxtwo

    Listen to you! Your comments reflect the same low class, trash the show puts out. Hoodrats all of you.

  • Dianecobbyoung

    To be grown women setting an example for the new wives to come they should look at themselves from the reruns how can you set an example for your children…You all should take responsibilty for BULLYING that girl to the point she was scared….It looked really BAD…..and to Jennifer to …..Grow Up and show a postive side of BLACK WOMEN ON TV i can give credit to Royce she is trying to help benefit society……..

  • Ahlong19

    Well, I am appalled by the behavior of Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie, and Suzie. They are all bullies and they are very disgusting. When I saw how poorly they treated Keisha on monday night, I wanted to actually get up from my bed and strangled those girls. How can you be so mean to a human being? Tami and Evelyn are completely out of control and If I were Keisha and Jennifer I would stay as far away from them as possible. Shaunie and Suzie are so sneaky and low-down. I am in shock how all of them allowed Tami to mistreat Keisha. I would never ever allow one of my friends to mistreat another human being like that. This is disgraceful and I hope all the sponsors pull their ads from this outrageous show. I am sick and tired od African American Women and other minority women allowing television and other enitity bringing them into a bunch of asinine mess. Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie, and Suzie, please stop all of this unnecessary foolishness. You all are not doing women of color any favors.

  • Englishdon

    Shaunie should hang her head in shame for producing this show. 
    Tami is a bully and a monster with a drinking problem that needs to be in treatment, not on TV. 
    Evelyn, the most evil of them all and the biggest gold-digging tramp, put stupid-ass Tami up to this behavior (though it’s clear she has a violent nature to begin with). 
    If being “real” means acting like a monster, I’ll be fake any day of the week. This pointless hatred black women use against each other for skin color, proper use of the English language, eye color, skin color and more. Fake? Real? How about proud. Honest. Hard working. 
    Stop humiliating each other, and all black women as association, with this vile behavior. You are nothing to envy. You’ve nothing to be proud. You have no talents or accomplishments. Better to disappear, get some education, a worthwhile profession, and hope the world forgets all 15 minutes of your “fame”.

  • EBJ

    Its sad that these comments about tami are CLASSLESS & GHETTO. Half of yall need to learn how to spell if your gonna dog her. Dont nobody give two shits what yall thnk. Kesha is a scary hoe. I wish she would talk some shit to me , I will dog her 4’11 ass. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT KESHA. If its too hot , then get out the kitchen. You boring anyways. Get off the show.

    •  Read your comment again, and see how you misspelled your words before you attack others on theirs.  Then again, as I said you must be a little mean high school girl that needs attention, or boy, who knows what you are, but one thing for sure you sound stupid and it shows in your comments, but that’s okay, right?  That is what stupid little mean ugly evil girls do, right? 

  • Violet Hodges

    I did not like it when they all ganged up on Royce, But  this episode was sickening to watch. Have some MF heart! And since we were playing follow the Got Dam leader, didn’t any of your parents tell you to stand up for something that is not right? This Reality T.V. is just got your heads swollen big as four or five basketballs. Maybe women are thinking with the wrong heads /holes , like men sometimes do! What the hell is happening to the mental picture here, integrity, compassion, trust, womanhood, sisterhood. That should have been edited out. Get some new writers or something and evolved Reality a little more than this, because if I have to look at some more of this kind of shit, CLICK (Changing to another network) P.S. Shout out to Royce, because she does have a mind of her own, and  she knows that clothes and bags, and shoes don’t make a person, and she will kick some ass if she has to!

    •  Thank you for your comment, I agree as well.  You’re right, Royce is so cool, I do like her she is honest and truthful and she does have a mind of her own, I guess that is why some of the ladies are jealous of her and that is why they picked on her so much, but I’m glad that Royce did her thing and kept it moving and loving how she is growing as a wonderful woman, I love that in a person/woman, again thanks for your comment.

  • EBJ

    Only thing black women do is bitch and complain. No wonder why black women are number one for being single mothers. You think ppl wanna hear that nagging ? I went to school and black girls acted like the girls on reality television. I bet half you hoes will be watching the reunion. Stop talking shit about Tami. Kesha talked about ppl on the show to. Kenya almost beat her ass. Hopefully she will be getting off the show. BYE BYE KESHA. Boring ass.

    • Ponaism144

      The only thing you do is say some stupid stuff. You’re not funny, nor witty so stop trying. Like I said before “shy computer blogger” find something more constructive to do then to go through and make immature comments.

    • Trollhunter

      Go back to your bridge TROLL!

  • kim

    Way to go Shauni and Tami for once again portraying black women in a negative way. script or not if this is what you have to do to get ratings shame on you. Can’t you find a more positive way of putting your kids through college?

    • EBJ

      Stop being negative. She has done positive things.

  • EBJ

    If the show that bad , then do watch the shit. Im praying that kesha doesnt return for the 5th season. Shes to soft. Cry baby. Be a REAL woman.

    •  Shouldn’t you be in school?  Don’t school finish in June, you should be in school learning something valuable, don’t you think?  Hmmmm, smh… so so sad


    shaunie is jus as BAD !! She had a voice to make a difference but she wanted to see how it would play out for RATINGS!!! I really wonder if her kids watch the show and see thier mom in the midsts of this miss..1 VOICE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

    • EBJ

      Well dont watch the show. I will be watching it. Kesha is just as bad.

  • Disgustedwiththisshow

    Whine, whine, whine…cry, cry, cry…Tami’s a freakin’ LOSER! She has the audacity to talk about someone bullying her? That’s hilarious! Tami shows no respect for herself so I guess she really can’t be expected to know how to respect anyone else. She’s a self-loathing, insecure, egomanical bully. Tami has changed. She was, in my opinion, likeable when she first came on  the show. She has just degraded herself and become something that only makes my lip curl when she comes on the screen. And how will she sit and explain her behavior to her daughters? Can you imagine them with a bowl of popcorn watching their mother act a damn fool on national TV? They probably cringe everytime she’s on the screen. She has her head so far up Evelyn’s derriere, Evelyn looks like she has four legs. And Shaunie…weak, ineffectual coward. I don’t know how she manages to stand with all that jelly in her spine. Kudos to Jenn for standing on her own and to Kesha for remaining a lady in every situation.

    • EBJ

      Kesha was no lady.

    •  Thank you, I like your comment and I agree. 


    • EBJ

      Is your cap lock broken ? Get it fixed. I support tami. she did nothing wrong.

  • Rozj 21

    Tammi has issues, I feel not only is she a bully, and very degrading to her race and to the organization she promotes. In the show she admits to being raped, for the most part when girls are raped they have problems with their sexual orientation! She dose not carry herself in a feminine manner. Maybe if she came out of the closet she would not be so angry. By the way she is the worse dressed woman on TV. Such a sad person.

    • EBJ

      What you looking like ? Stop shopping at the goodwill. You probably dusty and trashy looking.

  • Angie

    People kill me.  We all have the abililty to make a choice.  If you like it, watch it and if you don’t, then don’t watch it.  Simple as that.  If everyone had their way to get rid of a show or movie they think shouldn’t be aired because of negativity, there would not be any television.  Why is this show being singled out?  Why not go after ALL of the reality shows?  Every single one of them has something negative in them. If you are worried about little girls looking up to these women, then start at home!  Educate YOUR child/children on the difference between reality and tv.  If you don’t have children and feel the need to dictate what others watch, maybe you need to go have children because you can not dictate other people’s lives other than your own and your offspring.  Maybe start a program in your neighborhood reaching out to kids or parents of kids in need of a role model (since I take it your life is soooo perfect and you do everything right all the time…).  The women on this show do not represent a whole race!  I hear kids talk about this show, 16&Pregnant, Housewives of Atlanta and these kids are always saying how they would never do this stuff or how somebody looked bad on the show.  It’s because their parents are using it as an educational tool and using the opportunity to teach their kids how not to act and again, their parents are teaching the difference between reality and tv.  I remember this group (I forgot their name) was trying to get Looney Tunes (a cartoon with Bugs Bunny etc.) taken off the air because they thought it taught kids that you could run of buildings, hit the ground, and not die among other things.  Crazy people!  Choices people, choices!  TV is not that big of an issue! How bout we talk about the upcoming presidential election, ideas for fixing the housing crisis, unemployment, affording college education, k12 education, etc….I’m willing to bet money that there is someone on here commenting who is over the age of 18 and not even registered to vote!  Messed up world, I tell you!

    •  You’re right, if we don’t like it we don’t watch, but keep in mind this is a place to blog/comments on what we saw and how we feel about it.  You all are not force to agree with any of it.  Yes, BBW is not the only show on, there are others and yeah we comment on those, too.  we giving our opinions, we or rather I’m not saying I’m perfect, but common sense tells us not to be a certain way and if it comes to that then we should look at ourselves and learn how not to be that way.  Oh and to talk about something important like election, you’re right, but this site wasn’t asking about that and therefore you won’t see it here, but don’t think we don’t vote, I vote!  And will continue to vote on this election and I know who I’m voting for, do you?

    • smthnscndls

      Please understand that I am very well aware of the fact that I am NOT forced to agree with anything written by other commenters. We all have the right to an opinion (hence, I did not post a reply to any other commenter, I posted my comment in general to the article.) I rather enjoy reading other views on specific topics. Clearly you don’t as you took offense to me not agreeing with the article. Another debatable topic you brought up, common sense…lol! You would be surprised but many people have different standards for what is believed to be common sense so your statement should have read “…common sense tells ME (not US)…” Also, the election…of course this site is not a site about the election, lol! To me, that was COMMON SENSE! I was just doing my duty as a citizen of the United States to raise awareness in anyway I can about current events. If I go to a blog that’s about the election, surely one can conclude that MOST people visiting that blog is already aware and preparing to make the most informed decision they can make. This blog is not, so I am more likely to find more people here that may not have been interested in the election than on a blog about the election. Again, you used the word “we” when you should have said I in the statement, “…but don’t think [we] don’t vote. Lastly, I am proud that you exercise your right to vote, If only we could bottle up your wisdom and sell it…lol!

    • Liyric

      Amen, Amen, and Amen, “Dropping the Mic”


    • Gjdavis05

      I think EBJ is Tami also. Stupid A..Hole!!!

    • EBJ

      You keep disrespecting me , im a show you a real asshole.

    • Ponaism144

       I think EBJ is a shy computer blogger that only gets attention like this. Its sad for EBJ to be so negative, but that’s life…well that’s there life anyway, everyone else thank you for the friendly reads and I’m sooo glad i wasn’t the only one that thought it was sad to watch these women behave in this manner.

  • Tiara

    tami is a dam grown ass bully!!!! they never get real bitches to go on shows like that because tami would get the shit knocked out of her just for doing that to another person..At first i didnt like evenlyn but now that i see she has a soft heart she is cool with me.. BUT Tami ass need to get some hands put in her life..

    • EBJ

      Shes no bully. She kept it real.

  • Dk

    I agree. The show is offensive and low class.

    • EBJ

      Well dont watch it. The show isnt that bad. You still watching it.

  • KMA

    I hope that we will see a more positive turn around and show more caring and love for one another, also they need to show more of their family life as appose to all the drinking partying. Tami I know you are a better person than what you are displaying, remember we all have tempers and the only time I will loose mine is when pushed into a corner, so I would advise all the lady’s with the violent tempers to be careful you may open Pandora box.

  • EBJ

    I find it funny that people are dogging Tami. FIRST OFF that’s recap. Kesha talked about Suzie , she talked about Kenya , Jennifer and then Tami. How many ppl you think is going to tolerate that shit talking ? If you notice , everytime theres a conflict,  her scary ass end up running. Talking all that shit and then you wanna cry & run ? WOW. Kesha is so FAKE. This show does not represent a whole race. Maybe it may represent some of you trashy ghetto black women on here. Also for the bitch who called me E Blow Job , bitch you can fuck yourself. You guys are fake christian mean sprited jack asses. All this judging. FAKE FAKE & MORE FAKE. You guys are mad that kesha ran her mouth and got CHECKED. Nicki minaj be quiet. Lil Kim will always be the queen of rap.

    • T in Texas

      Kesha talked just like the rest of them that is true . The difference between Kesha and that crazy ass bitch Tami and Evelyn . Is Kesha doesn’t have to get physical . No one has the right to throw bottles , or slap someone . When you have to get physical , is when your weakness really comes out . Because you can’t control your emotions. And that to me is WEAK !

  • Krystallynique

    Sorry but i love BBW and I love Tami. If kesha didnt want no action she should have kept her mouth shut. Dont talk mess if you cant back it up.Thats keshas own fault! At first I felt sorry for kesha but then she kept talking. fool me once….  No body can be bullied if they dont allow themselves to be. Stand up for urself. If that means ur in a fight f it ur in a fight. No body was calling tami a bully when she was gettn at evelyn in season 3 and thats because evelyn wasnt backin down. You want respect u earn it. And for those of you who are playing Oh so shocked and clutching ur pearls… get over urself! Its tv. Its funny. Its drama. Its not the end of the world. It aint that deep. Turn the channel…

    • EBJ

      Thats what im saying. ppl having heart attacks and strokes. Kesha could have stood up for herself but she didnt because she was SCARED.

    • Creeper07

      EBJ…is that you Tami?? If so, please get help NOW!!  Oh yeah, I glad you deleted your twitter. I pray you are in therapy Tami.

    • Really?

      And that’s why we have the authorities….which is what she did. If she was so scared, she wouldn’t have called them because she would have feared for what would happen to her had she called them. I guess you missed the part when Tami came to her room and in the confessional she said “well, if I have to fight this woman, then so be it…” she didn’t want to initiate the fight, but if it had to be, she was ready to face it. Come now….

    • Creeper07

      Krystallynique…The is nothing you can say that justifies Bashee Tami’s behavior. And I mean Nothing!!  Tami was wrong and if you can’t see that then you have issues too.  Why does Kesha needs to keep her mouth shut??  It’s about how you handle situations that you disagree with.  So tell me, Tami has the right to fight and act like an Ass over some words?? One thing’s for certain, there is no law in the land that will cosign with Tami’s behavior.  In my opinion, Kesha “backed up her mess” when she contacted the authorities about her purse being stolen.

    •  what are you, still in high school?  Keisha is the one to keep her mouth shut? Really? Damn, you really sound like a little high school chick, might be one of those bully, right? Because you love Tami for what she did and what she has done in the past, yep little girl, please grow up and learn to be a better person, than being a bully for stupid words that was said, geez.

    • Disappointed

      I actually think it is that deep because, unfortunately, young impressionable minds are watching this mess and thinking it’s okay to treat people that way. Do you actually think that Tami is earning respect? Most of the comments I’ve read about her behavior denote that people don’t care for her. So how much respect has she earned by acting like a pure “d” fool? I know I don’t respect her….

  • Ponaism144

    I’m glad i found this website. I saw the episode before going to work and I felt sick watching it. I couldn’t believe what i was watching and all I was thinking was it’s 3 in the afternoon and how many young people are watching and thinking this is O.K to act like this. I’m glad this is not normal and that it is being talked about. You know all those girls are beautiful and could really have a good time if they would just act like “GROWN” women and not like mean little girls. It’s a shame…hasn’t anyone told them that life is short and why not make the best of it. Your on T.V for heavens sake, like it or not you are being watched and idolized. Do something good with it ladies and don’t be on T.V with all this drama because it boosts ratings. Society is way more important then ratings, right?? Keep the show going, but make it a positive experience.
    Concerned Male citizen…

  • Well she’s bacccccccck on
    Twitter and mayb Im mistaken she thinks its funny I guess they have it set up
    where she will apologize at the reunion it does not matter that was not
    acceptable behavior csaying she has cleaned up her image to move on to her new
    show not buying it.
    HunyBunzT @tspeed75
    @TamiRoman Saw you
    on an episode of Half n Half!! Hilarious!!!

    4h Tami Roman
    @tspeed75 YES!
    Flashback LOL

    She is a proud bully and
    a bully loves the limelight and those children who support her behaviorHunyBunzT ?@tspeed75

    @TamiRoman Saw you on an episode
    of Half n Half!! Hilarious!!!





    4hTami Roman ?@TamiRoman

    @tspeed75 YES! Flashback LOL

  • EBJ

    Everyone has the ability to stand up for themselves. Kesha could have stood up but she didn’t. She wanted to play the cry baby role.  Was Tami a bully when she slapped meeka ? Was Tami a bully when she got into it with Evelyn ? NO. Now all of a sudden shes a a bully. If the show that damn bad , then dont watch it. I WILL WATCH IT. Kesha talking big shit behind ppl’s back but cant say it to noboby face. I will support Tami. Shes real , shes funny and has a lot going for herself. Kesha , go work at Mcdonalds somewhere.

    •  Hmmmm, must be Tami groupie in here, then again you sound very immature to have a mind like that and to think there isn’t anything wrong with what Tami did, hmmm, yep it shows immaturity on your part, but hey that’s you, right?  That’s okay, thank goodness I have a mind of my own and know the difference of what these so called women has done, as for Tami, damn she is a hot mess, she is so insecure so miserable in her life that she got nerve to be putting people down, put her hands in their face, yelling at them as if, please this Tami chick is shit, sorry but it’s true! People like that can’t be trusted, she is evil ugly insecure mean girl, that’s it. She needs to grow up, she is the one who’s a bully and we the viewers who has intelligence know that, even those who don’t see the show and have seen little bits knows how wrong she is, they both are, they’re pathetic.

    • Wondering

      Interesting…..what specifically does Tami have going for herself? I’m just curious. I don’t view crying as a sign of weakness. I have been so angry at someone that I cried to keep from doing bodily harm to them. It shows she has feelings, which the minnion of satan does not have. Tami has so much going for herself but everything’s getting cancelled (her hair product line, her column with the magazine). Maybe her “television show” will be next. She’s high risk and no one wants to touch her now because her moods are unpredictable. If you want to be a business woman, act the part. No one in their right mind wants a hood rat for a business partner. I said “no one in their right mind…”

    • Jeye24

      to your question in all those situations s yes yes and more yes the reason why it got so much press because kesha played it  cool  

    • T in Texas

      A “bully” is one who targets another with the intent to make the other cower . And that is what Tami did to Kesha ! Kesha refused to fight physically or verbally with Tami . It was simply a waste of time for her . I would not have done it either . 

    • T in Texas

      To your statement “she has a lot going for herself” . If she keeps up the way she does . She’s going to have LOTS of jail time to think about how crazy she is . . .

  • This one is for SHAUNIE ….all of these so called women KISS YOUR ASS just so you can make money that you DON’T need( plenty of child support from SHAQ). you don’t even live in Miami !!! You mix them up together and they all think “Shaunie is my girl…Shaunie is my girl” you don’t care anything about anyone except the blood money you can make off of them acting like a pack of animals !! Shaunie you’re a REAL PIECE OF WORK ” !!! NO WONDER SHAQ WALKED…

  • jean

    Tami is a class less black woman who needs to sit down with a shrink and sort thing out, for the years of abuse of which she is displaying, Susie look at your self, You are not to be trusted
    you bring and carry problem amongst the girls, You are evil.

  • Cyndy

    Something good could possibly come out of that episode.  It should be used in the school system as a tool to show young people how not to act and not to stand by and cosign that type of behavior. 

  • Divasch

    The ignorance of some of these bloggers is scary.  Please do not have children and procreate!!!  If someone is bigger/stronger  than you, you would be a fool to fight them.  Fight by other means (police/security)  and don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot.  Keeping it “real” is not a  permission slip to be ignorant.  Keep it human…and treat people the way you want to be treated. Disagree with physically threatiening others.   Finally, all of these women TALK.  Tami talks about everybody.  Why can;t Kesha have a conversations? …Oh yeah because Tami is bigger and because Tami said so…. 

  • Nozamacherry

    None of this stuff is new! I don’t understand why everyone is up in arms.  Lets ask this question “Are we upset because Kesha looks white and it’s not like a real black on black thing”? Just asking!
    Tami has issues yes but so do they all, Evelyn jumped over a table and threw a bottle but all you all can talk about it Tami.  See question.


  • Who is getting the ax? I think U all know.

  • T in Texas

    Here is an idea . . . . Let’s make a “Bully Island” show . Put Tami’s ass on there with some other crazy women . Let them beat the crap outta each other . Make them watch their own show . To show them how crazy they are . . . 

  • gwambo

    it was too much for me to watch, how does one treat another human being like that? that was too cruel even for me… biggest fan of BBW but am signing that petition..

  • bojo

    Shaunie does seem to be with Tami and Evelyn with the drama laughing and happy seeing them act a fool on tv. Jennifer is doing the right thing for pressing charges against that thang for hitting her. Jennifer is a bad girl and they are jealous of her. Stay the way you are Jen. Everyone watching sees what going on with the haters you are dealing with.