Bobbi Kristina Brown Wants to Change Her Name to “Kristina Houston”

It’s no secret that Bobbi Kristina Brown and her father, R&B singer Bobby Brown, don’t have the closest relationship. And now, further proving just that, Bobbi Kristina plans to legally change both her first AND last names in an effort to end all ties with her dad. (At least as far as her name is concerned)

Bobbi Kristina was obviously named after her father, and now, according to TMZ, the 19-year-old daughter of the late Whitney Houston plans on changing her entire name to simply “Kristina Houston.”

Bobbi Kris, who is set to inherit her mother’s entire fortune, first played with the idea of changing her name when her parents separated years ago, but Whitney wouldn’t let her.

But now that Whitney’s gone, Bobbi Kristina — most likely at the urging of her grandmother Cissy Houston (who isn’t the biggest Bobby Brown fan either) — is really going through with the name change and has already told her friends all about it.

Though it is unclear when the change will be made official, friends say Bobbi Kristina is in a “better place,” and made the big decision to change her name with a clear and “sober” mind.

Bobbi Kristina must REALLY despise her father right now for her to want to legally change her name.

What do you think about Bobbi Kristina Brown changing her legal name to Kristina Houston?

  • If She really loves her Mother like she said she do she would not do that a name is just a name it is how you carry yourself  she should love her dad for what ever he did Forgive Him( God Looks at the way You disrespect  the Commandment that we should honor your Mother and Father   Iam Praying For That Family….       PS  Think About what she said when her mom was Living she (her mom) Did not want her to do that!!!!

    • Tamarabenntt

      i so agree with you ..

  • Ayesha Mitchell00

    I think if Bobbi wants to change her name she can. That girl is 19!

  • mary45

    If she wants to she can. The fact that she knows that her father has a money hungry sistes who will sell her own sous to the devil if she could, you can’t blame her.  She saw things that Bobbie did when he was married to Whitney (The spitting on her incident and other things) He also wrote a book that discredited her mother. She is a girl who doesn’t likeher mom being disrespected. She’s now at the age where she can speak up or do something about it. Leaking the photo was just too much.

  • doesitmatter

    “That girl” l obviously DOES NOT care what her DEAD mother wanted, or thought. Therfore she obviously didn’t care to much about her DEAD MOM! She will pay for her Actions in time! 

    • MissOpinionated

      WTF? Why would she “pay” for changing her name? you sound completely crazy and off your rocker…

  • Lovenett

    I think adding that photo was total disrepect to her mom and family. Maybe she’s a little angry right now, I think I would be too.  I don’t think that’s disrepecting her moms wishes but rather in honor of her mom.  Her aunt is clearly evil.

  • Take some of that money and close that Gap

  • Look girl have that Thug pull his Pant Up is he Prison Gay

  • MarilynHamlin10

    U don’t get pont’s for getting  in other people’s life or business  so got you’r life to gother and stay out of others

  • CoCo_Devine_1

    I think it not please her mother, Whitney, at all. It was important that she carry that name – for better or for worse. However, I understand Bobbi’s motivation to step out of that negative shadow and establish her own identity seperate and apart from her notorious father. The truth of the matter is that Bobbi Kris witnessed first-hand the actions and behavior of her father toward her mother and that is why they have no relationship and she wants nothing associating her with him. She blames him for Whitney’s downfall, but only she knows the true happenings that took place so her feelings and her actions are justified by her experiences. She want to be a Houston, not a Brown and I don’t blame her one bit…….

  • MissOpinionated

    I honestly think she should, i mean she will always be Bobbi Kristina in America’s eyes, but her mother always called her Krissy, so it fits.  And Houston as a last name is her remembering her mother in the way she sees fit and seperating herself from the man who many believe played a major part in her mothers death, we all know that her mother still had a connection with Bobby which is why she didnt want her to change her name.  I dont think it has anything to do with her disrespecting her mother but her ability to seperate herself from her father in a way her mother was never able to…R.I.P. WHITNEY!


  • AJ2449

    That’s Great. 
    Now she won’t be able to blame him, when she eventually ends up broke, and strung out on crack or heroin.