Amber Cole Video Aftermath Shows the 14-Year-Old is “Desperate” for Attention

Amber Cole, the 14-year-old who was infamously caught performing oral sex on a male friend (purported to be her ex boyfriend who she was trying to “win back”), is said to be really taking advantage of her new-found celebrity.

Unconfirmed reports continue to mention that Cole has been talking about her “situation” all week on Twitter and Facebook, showing that she is milking this thing for all it’s worth.

In the days following the eruption of the scandal, Amber immediately signed up on Twitter and begged celebrities to follow her. She even showed her own face and let the whole world know exactly what she looked like.

But is she simply a young woman who is “desperate” for attention … and not in a bad way?

Dr. Phoyenx Austin, a physician, writer and media personality said this about Amber’s self esteem:

“[Amber’s] actions clearly display that she is so desperate for ANY form of male validation and love that she would degrade herself to this degree. As for the boy, or boys, who are no more than parasites, I sincerely hope that they are dealt with by karma’s hand — and maybe even a male relative that decides to step up to the plate. This is not boys being boys. Their actions were cruel and sick. And you can tell everything about an individual’s soul based on how they treat someone they don’t have to treat well.”

If Amber has low self esteem, then she definitely needs help.

And the fact that this story is so huge, and not one organization for women or troubled teens have stepped up to give this girl the help that she needs, and deserves, is troubling.

So is she being ignored? We can’t help but think about the amount of energy and effort that would be put into helping Amber out if she were blond-haired and blue-eyed.

Why hasn’t anyone stepped up to the plate and at least offer the young girl some form of counseling?

Instead of trying to figure out “why” Amber did what she did, why aren’t we trying to figure out “why” no one has offered to help her in the aftermath?

Because clearly, if that really is her on Twitter, she is lost and desperately needs to be found.

Today, Amber allegedly said on Twitter that she “loves” the boy in the video.

“So what if [first boy] exposed me,” she tweeted. “It doesn’t change my feeling towards him. I love him with everything and will always be here for him.”

She continued, “I miss him … I love you both … you both will forever be in my heart. I just want these 2 boys in my life and I’m good.”

If Amber is really saying things like that on Twitter, then hopefully she is joking. And if not, we can only hope that she will be able to get some help, because if she truly feels like that, then that is scary.

What are your thoughts?

  • tiffany

    Im surprise that she twitted dat shit….even doe idu but u shouldnt do dat shit

  • karen

    WHERE is the girls PARENTS? and WHY haven’t they cut her off of access to the internet? clearly they are failing raising this girl, as much as the boys parents are failing in the raising of them as well!

  • Key

    What i want to know is why anyone gives a fuck and why anyone think any sort of reputable organization needs to defend a girl who’s just simply being a witfuck.

  • lil T

    Can i see how u look

  • shannon

    Perfect example of double standards in our society

  • Kevin

    Don’t make this about fucking race. Maybe we should be asking why is the girl being publicized but not the boys in the video? This article is supporting double standards despite what they claim.

  • valeria

    well ithink she iiz crazyy cuz the f**** she iz going 2 put daa f*** in twr or fb lol

  • Ogsg

    It might be a 14 year old some where getting raped that means not by choice,, but people worried about something somebody did by choice

  • Ogsg

    oh and when people get done talking about her ,, Um especially adults What are your kids doing out of site,,, Shit n God said let who , who has not live with sin throw the first stone,, ,¡ My point exactly,,, , Good Night

  • Reyna

    ii thiink amber cole iis just a dumb whore dat diid dat shiit by choiice, get a life cuss idgaf-.-

  • madison

    i feel really bad for this girl. i am 13 and in the 8th grade and I couldnt imagine what I would do if I was her. everybody needs to leave her alone, she thought she would win him back and its sick that someone would video tape AND put it on the internet. I do support Amber Cole and wish her luck.

  • geneva_dgaf

    ii think its nt dat big of a deal she jusss an attention seeker and dats stupid. yall need tew stp tawin about it

  • Wow!

    LMAO at “Dr. Phoyenx Austin” and everyone else preaching to a fake twitter account. That is not that girls real twitter page. Neither is the facebook account linked to it. Some people (the person behind the fake pages) must have a very boring life!

  • Tiana

    well im thirteen in the eighth grade and i feel like cant nobody get mad if people sitting up here talking junk about her because for one she aint have no bussiness doing that mess and if it’s because she want some attention “like yall say” stop giving it to her by all this internet gossip and what not and let her do what she do and if her mama chose not to punish her then thats her bussiness, we cant do nothing about. she not doing nothing but hurting herself, and will regret it in the long run. oh yeah all this little cyber pulling stuff, oh well its her fault so once again CANT NOBODY GET MAD AND SAY LEAVE HER ALONE OR WHATEVR ELSE. and i aint taking neither side im saying shut up about this mess, who cares, so what, on to the next big gossip.

    p.s. : its plenty of other girls out here doing it X5, trust me, im in middle school too. . .the only thang is this girl amber got exposed.

  • D


  • Big Money

    I think it sux in general but hey shyt happenz. if her peoples don’t care then y shud the media ..however in other news did nebody here that beyonce’s baby was a fake lls # tryna change subject.? :\

  • Big Money


    hellz yeah tiana tell em what dem girls be doin..i recently graduated but when i did attend middle school thats wen everything got startd aka wen the whores wen labeld nd the guyz who made it ok to be out there about sex nd other intimate feelingz were praised..smh…society is corrupting the young minds in middle school to get ready for early pregnancies in high school and no tellin wen the elementary school kidz are nxt

  • Veronica Scott

    This is bullshit.. She is not like what this is making her to be. She is not putting on twitter for people to follower her. She wants people to leave her alone. To lay off her. I’m following her on twitter so I know. And I have talked to her. So all of this is lies.

  • she should have been doing it from the start !

  • How Sad

    I agree with you on that, Kevin. Why did they bring blue eyes and blonde hair into this discussion? If she had blue eyes and blonde hair she would receive the same about of critiquing as any other misguided, slutty preteen. Children these days are notorious for using sex to get what they want from their peers. Amber happened to be filmed and the boys posted it. Plenty of stupid choices, they all share the blame.

    @Tiana: If the rest of your peers type with that atrocious grammar, I feel awful for our future. Your message was good, but your delivery was painful to read and brought to mind some uneducated, dirty person instead of a young woman in middle school.

  • she should have been fuckin arrested im pretty sure sex, even though it was oral, is illegal in public places ugh. teach her ass a lesson. she still seems very ignorant if you see her tweets smh

  • thespiral

    I’m glad to see that child pornography has become such a hilarious topic of conversation on the internet. What the fuck, she is clearly a KID with a kid’s hormonal, irrational brain. Of course she isn’t handling the situation well, what pubescent kid would? I can’t believe the filthy and nasty commentary directed toward this child. This is very sad.

  • keia_smmfh!!!!

    i agree with tiana… people need to just leave this liltle girl alone…im a high school student and this isnt nothing new…shit like this happen everyday..she just so happen to get caught…it is sad but she not stupid she shouldnt have been doin it in the first place..and for everybody tlkin about her parents you never kno she might not even have parents..she culd be bein raise by her grandmother…and i agree if she had blonde hair and blue eyes people would go out of their way to get her some help…and i HATE that stupid ass so called rapper B.King for writting that childish ass song about her..he supposed to be a grown ass man but instead he worried about a 14 year old

  • shay

    uhm karen a mistake is a mistake everybody has done somthing that they are not proud of in for some of yall sit sit on yall damn high horses and at like yall are perfect is sad okay what she did was wrong budd she dont nedd people lik some of YALL to jude her

  • lizzie

    she hav no respect for herself n she definately hav a no self esteem she relly need 2 go 2 DR. PHILL for counsellin cos she aint no shit abt wat she is doin n sayin

  • Britt

    I’m not surprised for one minute this happened. Welcome to the new generation of kids! And I don’t understand why this topic is getting so much attention what about the other good things going on no one seems to care about that anymore. It is my mission in life to target girls like amber cole and tell them that they are so much more than there body and that they’re beautiful. when I heard this story I saw a young girl with low self-esteem who was trying to fit in the best way she thought would work by using her body.Which was a bad mistake.

  • Everyone Needs to just leave her alone. she’s not the only one that does this stuff, i know it was bad, but iknow about 6 people who have done this and recorded it so just give the girl a break , and adults can’t talk because you all do it too, but worse : you make websites with videos of that stuff. she probably didnt have a good role model . gosh LEAVE AMBER COLE ALONE!!!

  • comment2000

    Okay.. Yes i believe this whole situation is flippin’ hilarious… i will laugh at anyone who gets recorded sucking penis.. its funny to me so you’ll have to excuse my sick sense of humor.. but come on.. you honest;y think this girl needs help.. Really?? she choose to give her bf or what not head.. jus like the chick from the “Southdade savage” video choose to get it on in the bathroom.. now they both have to live with the consequences. and i kno shes only 14 but wat do yu expect when she lives in a society where sex is the new black.. Is she a slut? idk i dnt kno and if she is who gives a fudge cake! there plenty of classy females who had a penis is their mouth at on point.. the only deference is that it isnt on the internet. this girl does not need help she doesnt need jesus.. wat she needs is to kno the proper time and place to be sucking dick..lmaoo and age.. becuz doin that at her age and getting caught.. yea that shit aint cute… but on a serious note this is happening everywhere there is not stoppin it becuz there are still gonna be girls jus dont care how others view them.. point. blank. period.

  • comment2000

    damn i had a lot of typos in that

  • keia_smmfh!!!!

    uhmmm @britt u need sit down somwhere cuz im apart of the new generation of kids…and i’ll be damned if i lower my standards for ANY guy who dont even want me…not all the kids in our generation are like that..and u old people need to stop talkin down on our generation and talk about the dirty shit yall used to do..and leave this girl alone

  • Britt

    First off shut up & I’m 17 ima 90’s baby!!! And I didn down the generation I didn say shit bad about it so what r u talkn about? I didn’t say all the kids was like that either u just twisted the message in my post. Its good u wouldn Lower ur standards but its alotta girls that does! Ima senior in highschool I see a lot of it at my schoo

  • ~CherryBerry

    ~Yall need 2 leave this gurl da fuqk alone let her be wat she want 2 be n half of yall dat commented on dis do da same thing so why do it matter yall jus need 2 stp diqk suqkin {{AMBER COLE}} cause yall isz lurkinq 2 damn hardd wtf if she want 2 suqk diqk let dat gurl suqk diqk den cus apparently her mama let her either dat or her mama dnt no bout it n sum of yall need 2 stp tryna 2 giv her web advice let her mama do dat cus yhuu aint her mama so dnt b tryna giv dat gurl sum advice yhuu need 2 be givin yo self sum advice 4 be so fuqkin childish 2 evn comment…RFT

    #Teamm Gett Off Amber Cole Diqk

  • ~CherryBerry

    @comment2000: Yhuu isz so fuqkin childish 2 evn think dat it isz funny cus its really nt its SADD

  • nicole

    the girl in the pic isn’t even amber cole no1 knows who the girl in the vid is and it is actually the boys who were in the vid that are running ‘amber cole’s’ twitter!/ambercoleiSFake

  • The Truth

    Amber is a young lady.
    Whatever she did was her and her parent’s issue to deal with, but who posted the video? The boy if he did it should be the one demonized here. Not Amber.

    Leave the girl alone and stop bullying her especial adults and specifically alleged physicians.

  • Brittany Jordan

    Smdh it’s some damn dummies up here! Of course she might be looking for attention! SHES 14! Thats what teenagers do! They thrive off of attention. Stop expecting a 14 year old to act like 25 year old! For the idiots whose calling her names ya’ll need to grow the fuck up! She’s a child! She doesn’t know any better much like ya’ll! The only people who should be demonized or criticized is the person who uploaded the video on the internet for everyone to see since he thinks its so cool for everyone to watch child porn! The thing that’s tripping me out is why is she getting bashed & not the boy who let her do it & the one who uploaded?! It was beyond obvious that he wants more attention than her since he wants the whole world to see him getting head smdh Posting it on the internet is the epitome of attention whoring! These kids don’t need help, they need a ass whopping!

  • amber cole i dont have no problem its not yo falt and wat ever u do im going to post a amber cole video called leave amber alone or else and im going to talk about how people if it was somebody little sisster or if u dont got a sisster wat about a best cusin

  • i wonder wat yo mommy did to you not being mean just wondering

  • Mr. Wells

    @tiffany: You should have paid attention in your English class, “even doe” (what the fuck) idu (why not spell it out, o that right you dropped out of school perhaps) You belittle yourself when you write as if you 3rd grade drop out. How you said “u shouldnt do dat shit” (really you should to spell and check your grammar)

  • Mr. Wells

    @Dr. Phoyenx Austin, Hey I just love your insert about people having low self esteem and getting help would be good advice for anyone male or female that goes to the extreme of things to get attention from anyone. I want to know do you know the boy or boys you called a quote “parasites” to wish something bad to happen to them. (I sincerely hope that they are dealt with by karma’s hand) one should not wish bad things on anyone, but maybe there self esteem is just as low as her and to be blunt what if the roles were reverse and the boy had the low self esteem and was eat the vagina. What would you say then? I just like to know the whole story before taking sides.

  • Sarah

    Amber cole
    Is a worthless whore who diserves what she gets shes not the victim. She knew it was being recorded so its her fault for being a stupid slut. The only reason shes any diffrent from the thousands of other teenage whores doin the same exact thing she did is their not stupid enough to record it so to be for
    Amber whore cole

    • Eryn V.


  • Joe Schmoe

    I’m going to take a shot at the hipocracy here. How many of us have witnessed adults doing things like this? Ever hear of porn? Us adults are much worse…the kids learned it, in part, from us. They only have to do a google search and their innocence is lost instantly. Of course, I realize it’s one thing for adult porn stars to do this, and it’s completely something else for kids to do it. But come on, who didn’t get a hummer when you were in high school?

    I agree, this girl is a victim, but only because she allowed herself to be vulnerable. Her father needs to have a sit down with her, immediately after he offs these boys.



  • RavenJM

    I find this slightly funny because I’m a senior in high school and I’ve seen this same situation a million times. Why is everyone making a big deal out of nothing? This same thing has happened at my school at least 3 times this school year and we’ve only been in school for 3 months. This happens EVERYWHERE. And you can deny your kids are doing it or that it’s happening at their school but trust me, IT IS HAPPENING! AND BEING RECORDED OR PHOTOGRAPHED! Now it might not being going viral all over the country but it is around the school and probably other schools in the same general area. This stuff starts happening around 8th grade, 7th grade, when everybody starts getting into “serious” relationships. Of course, they aren’t really serious, but they are the first ones that count. Now if you were to go to my school, there are pervy seniors who think its okay to date 8th graders only for a quick fuck. The youngest girls are the easiest because they don’t really know how to think for themselves yet and they’ll do anything to keep an older guy interested. So they do whatever he tells them to do and get so caught up that eventually, they lose all respect for themselves and become the school sluts or the girl that everybody’s either fucked or got sucked by. This is just common knowledge. This whole situation is just a taste of what really happens in the world of teens. If you all really saw and heard and knew all the things we know, you’d be surprised, shocked and sickened. Adults always say, “I was your age once.” but what you all don’t understand is that times change. And your problems when you were young are a lot different and irrelevant to the things we face today. This is only a preview. There are a million other girls who think, act and feel just like she does and will do a lot more than what she did for some worthless guy who she claims to love.

  • Spicoli

    The real story is the grammar in the comments. I’m not sure how most of these people managed to open the web browser. Maybe this is a result of our education system? Hmm.

  • Triceyy

    Well i put it like this , where was her parents? . . .it’s time too take ALL electronics . . . . i know ima young girl an all but i have been influence to do things in the past , but still i aint let nobody record me so that’s out of the question but hey everyone makes a mistake . . everyone wants to try new things experience , it was a lesson learn NEVER do that again . . smh feel sorry for her though , people always laughing at her, talking about her , staring at her , , , that just hurt my feelings , like i’m just feeling your pain sweety , but all it is an lesson learn. .

  • The little red wiggly lines

    What is going on with the comments here? Why are so many people deliberately (I presume) misspelling everything? You can’t express sympathy for someone and use the word “thang” in the same sentence; it just doesn’t work.

    The little red wiggly lines, it seems they do nothing.

  • shes a nasty slut and your ex boyfriend dont want u at all becuase if he did u would have already have him and u r so not famous nobody wants u and nobody cares anymore ur so old news so just drop it u little whore. u know if i was ur parents i would be so embarassed to be seen in public with u. i feel so bad for u people talking behind ur back. ur also known as the world biggest trashest whore. u should be ashamed of urself.OH AND NEWS FLASH BITCH NO ONE WANTS TO FOLLOW U ON TWITTER OR ON FACEBOOK. EXPECTLY FAMOUS PEOPLE AND 4 U TO BEG LIKE A DOG THAT U R THATS JUST PEATHIC GET A LIFE U LOW DOWN DIRTY THIRSTY BITCH. WHO EVER AGREES WITH ME WRITE BACK. PEACE OUT LOVE Y’ALL. AS 4 AMBER GO FIND URSELF A DICK TO SUCK ON SINCE UR GOOD AT THAT

  • @KWEEN:

  • i think she just nasty cuz y would she do daT

  • jimmap

    leave the shxt tha fuk alone

  • she wanted a ttention an she had ta gt it sumway bt aint that much love in the world

    • Eryn V.

      If she wanted attention then she wouldn’t be afraid of the world teasing her so get ur facts straight


    • Eryn V.


  • MDS

    I think it’s funny personally she’s out their lying saying she was force when she clearly wasn’t and now she’s being childish about the whole thing. This is a joke and hope they don’t crucify those boys for this cause this is all wrong

  • i think okay yes she made a mistake everybody do damn life goes on i think everybody should leave amber cole alone yall den already ruin ha life ………. dang think this way how wud yu feel if it was yhu ?????

  • Thats mean nooo need to say all dat …..!

  • @micanii: thats mean

  • @alisha: umm nobody can judge anybody everybody make mistakes and we dnt kno wat she goin threw at home or in ha life …. she probably lookin for love in the wrong places

  • @jessica blovko: like thats so not caused for i mean she made a mistake damn i kno she was wrong she shud have been in school getin her education ….. but i mean everybody make mistakes nobody kno wat she goin threw at home she just lookin for love in all the wrong places …… i feel sorry for ha everybody doggin ha i mean that shit soooo old people need to grow up im sure they den did sum stuff in their life time too …. what if people drive ha so far she kill ha self …den wat ……

  • Ashley

    First off, no offence to Amber Cole but doing something stupid like that at her age and all because of a boy is stupid. i think no girl she do anything close to that, at 14 she probably just now getting her first kiss, wtf do she know about putting another boys parts to her mouth. but instead of just pointing fingers a Amber Cole, we should be pointing at her parents, the boy and a the media. the boy took advantage of her, im sure he knew that she wanted him back really bad, and he found a way that would satisfy him to start back talking or dating Amber Cole. if it was me i would have left him alone. but hey, she’s just a teenage girl, if her parents dont have “the talk” with her, what do she know? i pretty much think Amber Cole ruined her whole life, and she say she doesnt care, according to the internet, but nobody could not care about something as stupid and embarrassing as “THE AMBER COLE STORY”


  • ewww..datz a dirty girll…llls i wonder wat her friends think ……………lls…damn ppll theses days!!!!!!!!!wtf wrong wit them

    • Eryn V.

      That was just mean. She didnt mean to do it

    • Sarah

      How did she not mean to do it? stfu

  • Shantelle Marshall

    YO Leave tht gurl alone them boys is nasty stop makein songs abt her and stop doin the sucking dick motion and sayiin tht u doin the amber cole

  • Eryn V.

    Everyone Plz listen 2 my coment!! LEAVE AMBER COLE ALONE!! I am a 12 year old girl and all I’m sayin is that yes it was wrong 4 her to suck the dick, and she feels Rly terrible Bout it!!! And all of u stupid ppl who said she is stupid than u r stupid!!!!!! And u ppl r gonna make a dog about her?!?!?!?!?!?! UNBELIEVABLE U ALL SHOULD B A SHAME OF YOURSELF!!! AMBER FORGET ALL OF THOS DUMB PPL THEY JUST NEED TO GET A LIFE!! U HAVE A GREAT LIFE AND IM SURE UR FUTURE IS GREAT!!! THOS OTHER PPL WHO SAY NEGITIVE STUFF ABOUT U R DICKS !!!! MY MOM TOLD ME FORGET WUT PPL SAY ABOUT U AND JUST WORRY ABOUT U!! AND GESS WUT AMBER?!? THEY MIGHT HAVE BEEN SUCKING DICKS TO LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW!!! Amber I am on your side :)

  • Eryn V.

    @amber grace THAT WAS SOOOO MEAN. Wat is wrong with u ppl LEAVE AMBER COLE ALONE

  • Eryn V.

    WUT she did was just gross and wrong, and I’m not trying to go against u but sucking his dick is not 4 luv, he was using u amber, and there r other fish in the sea but u gonna go with the guy who used u as a sex doll?!?!?!?! UNDERLINE ” SEX DOLL ” amber I’m not saying ur a hoe but it’s over wit it was like last ( why am I respinding to old news??? o_0 ) but anyway its over amber live ur life u havefriends who luv u

  • j j

    yall stfu yall do the thing