Lil Kim Officially Signs with Universal Music Group

Lil Kim has been a free agent for some time now, and has been rumored to be in talks to sign record deals with artist-run labels like Jay-Z’s Roc Nation (seriously?), Birdman’s Cash Money (bad idea) and most recently 50 Cent’s G-Unit (could work … but still no).

But it now it looks like Kim has finally found a home and has officially signed with Universal Music Group, as noted by her appearance on the roster on the label’s official website.

An A&R for the label named Jaywan also confirmed the news via Twitter:

“Just signed @LilKim to a deal here at Universal. Welcome to the team mama! Looking forwaed to working with you and your team #Congrats.”

Kim has already reportedly started on a new album under her new label due for release later this year, which will include the not-yet-released single “Looks Like Money.”

Sidenote: Universal heads Cash Money, which is over Young Money, which just so happens to be home to … you know who.

While something like this is pretty inevitable given that there are only a handful of major labels out there, the fact that Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj are going to be under the same parent company is going to bring about some interesting developments!

  • tino

    Im so happy lilkim found a label,now her album will be comin out her single,new videos,magazine covers,I can’t wait cause she is H.B.I.C. now. Haters what u got to say now,im tired of people putting her down,she says like it is in her music that’s why i always been a fan since 96.I know the other bitch is under the same label i could imagine what the haters and the bitch r gone to say now about her hmm Good luck kim I know u will be puttin out great music like always,cause u r the QUEEN OF HIP HOP WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!!!!!

  • SayWho?

    Congrats to Kim. Maybe now she can put all that energy towards her own work. Hang in there Kimmy.

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  • st

    i thought she said she does not want to be under anybody and that she likes being independent so as to take the whole money.contradiction.

  • Jessica Grneyz Calimami

    “So on my next move I’m yelling Checkmate” -Lil Kim

    ….and she sho’ in the f*ck Did that…hahaha all hail the Queen!!


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