Ludacris and Girlfriend Eudoxie (aka “Fab”) Aren’t Ready for Marriage Just Yet…

Ludacris says he loves his girlfriend Eudoxie … but neither one of them are ready to marry just yet. But when they do decide to exchange “I do’s,” the world will know.

Sandra Rose bumped into the couple recently at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, where the trio had a lengthy conversation regarding a number of topics, including recent rumors of them “secretly” getting married and more.

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The bottom line is, Luda and Fab are not ready to marry just yet — and when they do get married, everyone will know. They simply refuse to allow outside forces to influence their decisions. Luda stressed to me that he LOVES Eudoxie very much, and he would do anything for her.

I was happy to meet Eudoxie for the first time. She cleared up a few things, such as her name: she goes by “Fab” because her middle name is Fabiola; and the fake Facebook page that everyone, including me, thought was her. She said “Agnan” is not her last name, and she has no idea who created the fake page.

Fab’s real Facebook page is in French, and it is private. She only has about 200 Facebook friends who are friends and family.

She was so sweet! She took out her cell phone to show me pictures of her childhood. Fab proudly showed me pics of her mom, Jermaine, holding her as a toddler in Gabon, in Africa! I asked her if she would send it to me, and I was surprised when she agreed.

Fab also showed me pics of herself when she was a toddler posing with her cousins in Africa. She said she knew she was “different” from a very young age, and because of that, she moved away to live with her uncle. Fab is still a medical student, but she has taken a break from her studies. Ludacris and Fab have been together for four years now.


  • kim

    if sandrarose likes her YOU KNOW something is wrong with her. There is no telling what kind of emotional scars this woman has suffered. you can see the pain in her eyes. luda may end up with his head in a pot of soup being served up as beef stew. american christians need to be evenly yolked with other american christians.

  • BEA

    @kim: Luda ans Fab have been together for 4 years..don’t you think he would have known she wasn’t right for him by Haters…she is going to be a doctor and you will probably be a csr all your life..i am just saying