Soulja Boy Remaking Tupac’s “Juice”

Soulja Boy Remaking Tupac’s “Juice”

Popular Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy thinks he has what it takes to reprise Pac’s role as “Bishop” in his own SODMG adaptation of the cult classic movie ‘Juice.’ Apparently, the film will coincide with his mixtape bearing the same name.

Below is what the young MC told VIBE about the  upcoming flick:

VIBE: Can you tell us a little bit about the story line for Juice?
SB: Basically, it’s your boy Soulja and I’m Bishop in 2011, running around in the streets, man. You know how the movie goes, but we’re flipping it and shooting in Atlanta. I want to show these people my acting side and me being creative—always giving them something new; that’s all. I got same video director that shot “Crank That,” “Kiss Me Through The Phone,” “Turn My Swag On” —my most successful videos. The whole mixtape is the soundtrack for the movie.

Did you cast any other rappers in the flick?
Yeah, man. Actually Cam’Ron reached out to get in the movie. Some of the original actors that were in the original reached out too. We’re in pre-production right now. We start filming on the Apr. 28th in Atlanta. It’s going to be crazy. Of course I’m going to have my S.O.D. family in there. We’re juicing up!

Who from the original movie is going to be in it? Raheem [Laughs]?
Not Raheem. You know the chubby one? He reached out. He actually wanted a part. I thought that was cool, so I told the director Rage to just go ahead and put him in the movie.


Does anyone else think that this is a bad idea?

  • Danny

    ur jus gonna mess up tupac’s image yooo.. ur all about new school so stick wit that sh**. trust, ur all about that pretty boy swagg and bishop aint nothing close to that so dony be f****in things up

  • Get Right Music

    Horrible idea. Same artist underneath a creative idea that should have been saved for a more respectable and talented artist…

  • barbara

    wonderful idea. he is good looking handsome, and talented like tupac. he will do great as long as he stays away from jealous haters and their drugs. jealous haters like the ones above.

  • barbara

    jealous haters stay on this interent trying to hate away America’s greatest talent.

  • don

    The haters above are probably fat azz Sean Kingston fans. That n8ggah is as jealous of Souljah as Biggie fat azz Smalls was of the Great Tupac. Souljah better watch his back and the company he keeps. Jealousy is as cruel as the grave.

  • http://blogonthis rashad trulove


  • http://blogonthis rashad trulove


  • JSUND44

    Please somebody stop this! Boycott this shit! He says he wants to be creative? Then don’t bite off a classic and make some cheap wack ass rip off. You don’t fuck with greatness… smh

  • Neeve

    @Danny: LMAO Danny You got me in Tears I am with you on that Souljah boy dont fuck this up for real LMAO

  • Neeve

    @don: you bugging ease up off the speed boo.

  • Tamika

    I think it is a bad idea because to me Juice is a classic and to remake it is like trying to remake the color purple it’s just some movies you leave alone and then to disrespect tupac with replacing him with soulja boy come on he better be a hell of an actor and after this he better get on another level with rapping no more of the bs step your game up.


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