Beyonce and Jay-Z Having Marriage Problems Over Having Kids?

It appears that Jay-Z and Beyonce may be having some marital differences right now!

Over the past few days, the couple have been spotted separately around Hollywood. Over this past weekend, they did not attend any Grammy events together, and to top it all off, Beyonce reportedly spent Valentine’s Day with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams……instead of  hubby Jay-Z.

But what on earth is the problem?

We are hearing through several sources that the super couple have been at odds over the decision to have children. Remember that Jay-Z is well over 40 years old now. He doesn’t want to be going on 50 years old just having his first kid.

Why is Beyonce holding out? Well, obviously, she’s at the peak of her career and preparing to release new album later this year. So she would be a fool to kill the hype by popping out a few Little Hovs.

Will Jay-Z and Beyonce’s marriage crumble due to this? Only time will tell. But we wouldn’t be surprised if all of this was just “talk.” How many times has Beyonce been “rumored” to be pregnant? Exactly.


  • moshucat

    As ugly as he is he should be happy to havve anyone at all. I don’t believe she doesn’t want children and having a baby will not lower her popularity.

  • Linda Campbell

    I think Beyonce is just being really selfish with Jay-Z and do not truly love him. If A man is over 40 and he got a wife who both want to have a child why waiting knowing the man is overdue and going to expiry for having a first child? I pity Jay-Z because he stands to lost his millions or billions to the bitch when they divorce.

  • beay

    Beyonce dont want her butt to get big and have fat thights..J Z should have gotten her preggy soon as they got together..By now she’d be back in shape..

  • Mike Williams

    She should count her blessings. He is ugly as hell! Who wants to have a baby with a ugly MF?

  • lily

    Well, duh. When you sell your souls to satan and live a “Illuminati”-ruled life full of darkness, secrets and lies, don’t expect something as sacred as marriage to prosper in the gutter with you.

  • karen

    I think beyonce should have is hid and stop act like that she got a good man she better have his kid befor he go to someone esle and have his hid cause if that was my man i would have his hid

  • iliveinmississippi

    I think this is good hype for her album coming out…who knows if she wasn’t with Jay on Valentines day? This is a low key couple. I think Jay-z isn’t dum-di-dumb, he knows how old he and Beyonce were before the wedding, this couple dated for years, they talked about everything, trust me. He was just on tour with her. Do they have to always be together? Why couldn’t Kelly and Michelle just miss her and wanted to send time? She has been out of the country, they are real friends. I think Jay loves B. I think B loves Jay. I think this relationship is tight and right.

  • christin harrison

    i think jay z has every right to be a father,i hope beyonce knows what she is doing before turning like jennifer anistin my view i would say girl it is time,dont let ure carear take over.

  • Reese

    Jay-Z already has a child from a previous relationship. This would not be his first.

  • Jacqueline Gray

    I would totally disagree here you have two famous entertainers whom love each other but have demanding jobs. It would appear that they would have schedules that wouldn’t allow alot of honey I’m home time. so honestly I feel they will do alright in there marriage. GOD Bless them

  • D-dunk

    She (Beyonce) is only 29 going on 30! And she still has time to have children. Many women have children in their forties (40s)! Check out some hollywood celebs. Many do it late. And are very happy. 50 is not old for many celebs men to have children. Check out old Larry King and his young wife. Check out Donald Trump with his young wife. Michael Douglas and wife. MD is old with a very young son. It is done every day.

    One couple did it soon as Brad and Angelina. And I am sure there are many more.

    Just because JayZ was not at the Grammys and just because B and JayZ was not seen on Valentine’s Day does not mean there are problems. Maybe JayZ was working or maybe because JayZ was not nominated which I think was the real reason he did not attend the 2011 Grammys.

    He (JayZ) was self-fished for not attending because he was not nominated for anything! JayZ is lucky to have Beyonce so maybe after this year 2011s tour.

    Congratulations to Alicia Key and Mariah Carey who were able to stop and have their families soon. It is so exciting to see them almost ready to deliver with their marriages still young. For them money and touring isn’t everything.

  • Dick Vitale

    Hov can suck a wet doorknob and get it pregnant. YUK! The thought of him with Beyonce or anyone other than that fat chick from Precious is disgusting. Hey Jay-Z, give fatty greaseball a call!

  • CeCi

    @lily: @lily:

    Hey, what’s up Lily? I heard exactly what you posted about a year and a half ago. I thought it was just our pastor bashing the hiphop “super couple”, J and Beyonce’ during a sermon. But it is very interesting that you brought that up. If that is indeed what had taken place, in most cases satan will let prosperity reign for a while, but there is always “hell to pay” in the end. B knew that J was close to half a hundred in age when they hooked up. She should’ve been thinking about the age difference and how it would afftect the idea of having lil’ Hovs. I wish them the best and if it is true, hopefully they will work through it.

  • dont need to know

    who tha fuck cares? they both overrated n them would be some ugly babies. they certainly dont give a fuck about us so why should we care bout them and they problems? seriously. so much bout being a low key couple. all they want is more attention.

  • Sugar Baby

    B is being selfish for not wanting to give J a child. Yes, he has one, but he doesn’t get to spend everyday with that child. She doesn’t want to pick up the baby fat, because it took her a long time to get her legs/hips down to a size 8. She want to be skinny like Michelle/Kelly/Halle, but that want happen. Shye only thinks of herself. Really they are not that in love anyway. They are only together because of the popularity. Then she also want a pretty baby, not one with big lips.

  • mary martinez

    My wishes would be that this couple work out their problem. and let them be free of this negative talk.

  • lillian

    Rumor beyonce prolly just spent a little time with her homegirls on valentines and i so understand where beyonce is coming from im 21 and my boyfriend is 36 i dont want any kids right now so he will have to wait i hope beyonce and jay-z all the luck in the world not to many black couples making it these days

  • YaiyaiBrower

    I think that Beyonce jus cant get ova tha fac that jay Z haves another baby not sure if it his but she feel list doe that she should of been first but if he is ready to start a family wif her whyy is she waiting. If she was able to take him bacc after that then she should be able to start that family an if shes not ready to start tha family because of tha other child she shouldnt of took him bacc….

  • YaiyaiBrower

    @Reese: Same thing I said thats whyy Beyonce dont want to have A baby cause her Child wouldnt be First… Stubbon

  • doris baldwin

    I think that one’s decision to have a child is comensuarte with their state of mind…maybe its simply not the right time…must..I remind you that it is the woman who has to be concerned about conception after 40…

  • Hollister

    My God, some of you people need to get off the computer and get an education. You should be embarrassed by your ignorance.

    Most of you are doing nothing more than speculating about some perceived problems between Jay-Z and Beyonce. Oh and JFYI, Beyonce is a very rich woman within her own right and doesn’t need Jay-Z’s money. Clearly this is a love match between two very talented people who are entitled to their privacy.

  • Michele

    I think beyonce should have a baby when she is ready. he knew that before they got married. he knew he was getting older and he knew she was no ready to have kids yet. she is still young, and she wants to go on tour one more time and enjoy her life a little longer with her husband! If he cant understand that then he should have married someone like rihanna don’t you think having kids ain’t all that if you are not ready for them.

  • storm

    Linda like shut the fuck up ……go listen to kanye that’s my bitch… jay z simply said in his verse beyonce said he can keep all his money if somthn happened…..and for the all kno r not true…there love is simply 2 strong…….and they are bigger than most……..and as 4 bey she is young she have all the time in the world……yall go destroy yalls own career…if u hve 1 that is

  • annieee!

    um, there’s definitely video of them leaving a Grammy party together. MTO started this dumbass rumor… their sources are just as credible as every source that says Beyonce is pregnant.

    *eye roll* let them BE.

  • dicarlo

    who give a fuck about B and J. I just miss MJ,the best entertainer of all time.

  • rob

    well i think if beyonce want to have kids now jay z should have some with her if i was married to her i would for damn sure as many she wants

  • Kim

    First, let me say that I LOVE Beyonce and Jay-Z as artists out here. I’m not hating AT ALL when I make this comment so PLEASE forgive me for what i’m about to say…is it just me, or does there marriage seem like it was arranged!? IM JUST SAYIN…….

  • backspace

    they both have had plenty time to plan their work and work their plan before they tied
    the knot. i do know that there has been reasons that can hinder a woman and a man from being able to concive @ older age often times. right about now it’s between the two of them i like them together i hope they work it out , a child would make them both so happy.

    funny thing with her and jay is they are both very rich, and their living is already made, so
    i just wonder what is more important making all the money there is to make are having
    a couple of kids to make both of their lives complete. theres many who have babies and their careers beyonce’s mom arms are acking to hold a grand from beyonce. they will work it out they was born for each other .

  • backspace

    @ kim,,,i am about to start thinking the same way,,,,, because theres to many
    things that seems off to me. she have said in intreviews that her life is complete and we all know that she never have to sing another note and she still will never be able to spend all the money she has made and have millions coming in from allof her and his many endorsements , they are blessed beyond measures . unless she can’t have children ?

  • Kayla

    Dumbasses!! Jay Z already has a child, And if Beyonce wants to be pregnant or not thats HER body, HER business. Damn shes only 29. Maybe she doesnt want to give up her total freedom yet, smh. And if their marriage seems “arranged” then maybe it because everyone is always up their asses, following their every move?

  • Kim

    @ Kayla:) Well sorry my dear if I upset you!! (hahaha) I mean no disrespect and I have NO REASON to be up their asses AT ALL. HOWEVER i’m not stupid either….I think ever since they did 03′ Bonnie and Clyde record, it just seems like they made a few business deals and said to themselves “hey looka here!! we’re a CATCH TOGETHER!! WE CAN MAKE SOME MONEY AND GAIN POULARITY BEING SEEN TOGETHER!!” (HINT HINT) C’mon guys EVERYONE would LOVE to market a deal to make money hand over fist. therefor when we’re talking dollars and cents, THEY’VE MASTERED that accomplishment!!!! HOWEVER….You can’t be that arrogant to think that this whole marriage deal is real……I’M JUST SAYIN…I’M NO DUMMY:)

  • Kim

    @Kayla,BTW….Let me just state a simple fact/comment…you do have BLOGGERS and HATERS that LOVE to be up these celebrity asses BUT whenever I turn on the t.v or flip the page in a magazine and there LITERALLY shoving there career down our throats then that would be them wanting us to FOLLOW them!!!!!! I mean if THEY really want PRIVACY then it would not hurt to take a few years off and live a NORMAL LIFE!! I guess living a normal life in the celebrity industry is DEAD to them. EVERYONE wants to stay RELEVANT for some reason 24/7..WHY!!????? THERES NO NEED IF YOUR TRULY GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO. LISTEN, SADE (ONE OF MY FAVORITE SINGERS) desen’t live in the spotlight, NEVER HAD NEVER WILL!! she went away for 10 YEARS and literally crawled under a rock. and look at her, this woman will be in my hometown (CHI-TOWN STAND UP!!) in August performing at one the BIGGEST arenas we have and she SOLD THE PLACE OUT COMPLETLY ALREADY!! NOW THAT’S AN ENTERTAINER!! IM JUST SAYIN…

  • i don t care

    having a child doesn t mean the end ,it s just a blessing .29 is the perfect age to have one.maybe she thinks sheis always gonna be young,life is so short,anyway this is their life,their busniss

  • Frederick moses osadjere

    First i would like say shame to those who say jay z is ugly and doesn’t deserve Beyonce, the bigger shame will go to beyonce if at the end her marriage ends over this issue because that will simply prove that she deceived jay z for his millions but she should remember that you reap what you sow and most damaging would be the image of blacks seeing only the ugly in their fellow black brothers and sisters when it comes to starting a family and not when travelliing to st tropez or hitting vegas to party.

  • Frederick moses osadjere

    Seal once dated Tyra banks and had i tough time with her, today he is married to Heidi klum who is not only a mother to four kids but still doing well in an industry that loves fresher younger models, so what on earth is beyonce saying and apart from heidi, Alicia keys who is her age mate is pregnant and countless celebrities are either having kids and still in the entertainment business, maybe she wants to be down for serious booty macking with guys she secretly desires. How shallow and no wonder we there are baby mamas everywhere in black america.

  • jb

    Some one said Larry King and another a black man is different he looked the time to enjoy the kids…

  • Angel

    Yall keep talkin about how ugly this man is and how ugly his kids might be, yall probably scared her off into having any kids cuz she worried about what yall gone think. So stop with the hatin and look at your own damn kids!

  • wwinvestments

    Well Well
    Here goes the 8 time rumor about Jay-and Beyonce with children making and Blogs Separation.
    How everyone who follows this couple forgets.
    Beyonce has been off a year from her tour.
    Jay-z and Will Smith signed a contract for up coming film
    Beyonce was chosen for A Star Is Born!!!! Both of them needs to be on the West Coast for these productions. Its okay for them to have Bi Coastal Living Arrangements.
    They are both Young and Smart

  • Busy

    I dont believ al this shit you al know that lady b and j their happy together.


    well we all knew beyounce have gots to be a freak in the bedroom to hold on to jay z….he is a ugle wild man…but sexy thou(lol)

  • Tay

    I don’t think if they tried it’s work….Beyoncé proly think she too young for ‘Jigga’!

  • Robyn

    Well you see look:

    Everyone kno that’s SO NOT true. Beyouncé loves Jay and he loves her. Spouses arent gonna be right there forever anyways! Us girls be chillin’ alone the way we like it! And same with boys too! Y’all have nothing better to do so go on. Live ur life okay?? OKAY!!


    Kim you are so right bout em celebs shovn their carresrs down our throat. But we can only judge if dey make a public statement, otherwise just shut up. Half of the people washing ;ay are as ugly if not uglier than he is! Plus dey dnt got his money. Some of you are saying they are illuminati etc, were you there when they joined. U guys should stop speculating!

  • solofelang

    i think jay-z and beyonce are having a rough time in thier marriage, which can happen to anyone. they may be celeebrities but after all they are humans, they will have differences. right now beyonce is not ready to have a baby its not wrong! give have her a chance to live her life the way she wants to . pliz ! i pray to god that they sort their problems very soon. i love thier couple very much. GOD BLESS THEIR MARRIAGE WITH PRECIOUS CHILDREN.

  • lisa




  • crystal

    there marriage is DOOMED as long as he continues to hang around with and do business with rihanna. katy perry got rid of her.

  • Wachena

    Plz dönt break up,i admire yal so much, make babies and grow old is forever..

  • Sister Mary

    I didnot realize so many people disliked these two beautiful and talented people I feel so proud of Jay Z and Beyonce’s togetherness I like to see them together on the web. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder Well everyone is entitled to there own opinion Beyonce would not waist her time with all these negative comments but you know what is said out of every lie there is some truth But I sure would love to hear what Beyonce would have to say about some of these comments I guess thats why she’s where she’s at and you nice people are where you are at .

  • Liizzy

    Beyonce and Jay Z can have their own baby via surrogate if they really want to.

  • oluwaseun ojo

    i think if this couples leave each other rihanna is gonna replace beyonce

    • nini

      why u think that lol

  • Ja nell

    I believe that every marraige has its ups and downs and I cant imagine trying to live a somewhat norlmal life being such superstars and always being in the public eye. But among everything keep God first and realize that a marraige is about communication and compermize!!!!!!

  • Adebara rafeeu

    Hi beyonce am one of your greatest fan in nigeria, all i want to say is just that give j a child to make him happy for once.

  • Goodsense

    @Kim: When Beyonce goes to bed, she puts wolfbane around the door and she locks 10 locks. Outside all her bodyguards wear garlands of garlic around their necks and hold huge crosses. And if Jay-Z gets past all that, she turns on her period and lets her hair go natural. No, ain’t no knocking the boots going on in the House of Dereon.

  • http://none jay75


    jay z and B, children are a gift from God so make time
    have ur own kids and raise em in the fear of the lord.

    Give it a try, itz worth living for u’ll be blessed. Amen!


  • wizfellow freeman day gee

    well they both can work thingz out. Jay u r a big man u can persuade ur wifey positively and beyounce trynna gve ur man a kid its a sign of d love u both share. One love wish u guys d best

  • bri

    B is just eye candy, although she is very successful, I think Jay settled for a 20 when he could’ve gotten an 80…. that’s y he’s having baby issues. I mean if I wasb and with the rumor floating around about secret children I would have a baby by my man with quickness. For all we no she pushd the shasha fierce tour back and combined it with the new album 4 becaue she was baking in the ovenb they keep their life a secret anyways so hey…..

  • Katie

    Um Jay-Z already had a kid when this article was published way to not be up on the gossip

  • wilyciare

    look beyonce i know jay z and you are married married coupe are good togther so girl have a baby by him


    Beyonce and J-Z is not brad and Jeniffer they are black African-American black people that their nationality not American black African-Americans .J-Z is already a daddy he did not need to breed with bey once he wanted to and so did she.It is time they are both rich/successful/famous/married and past thirty .


    IT the only things left to do, they are great role models.they are married/young but not to young are old. GAINFULLY EMPLOYED .



    • nini

      hallejuah speak it mother dweetta lol

  • Lynne

    LOL.. gee you have really good sources .. hahhahahaha

    • nini


  • nini

    omg lol kmsl at these post yall need to let beyonce and jay-z be and rihanna and chris brown want be surprised if they got back together and whitney houston it’s just so sad srry don’t get me started on whitney i loved her so much ….. got to go


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