Trey Songz Slapped with $18 Million Dollar Lawsuit Over “Bottoms Up”

Damn Trigga…

A production company is suing Trey Songz and others (including Kodak) for some serious cash over his “Bottoms Up” hit.

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A Washington, D.C. production company has filed an $18 million lawsuit over the rights to the music on the hit song “Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj. Derrick Price, Doc Mob Records and IHip Hop Music filed the lawsuit against Trey Songz, Atlantic Records, Kodak, manager Gee Robertson, producer Kane Beatz and others.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed February 2nd in the Southern District of New York, Doc Mob hired producer Milton James aka “Tony Scales” to produce the original, copyrighted track for “Bottoms Up” for his company, Doc Mob Records. Price and Doc Mob further claim the track was originally produced by James in Price’s home studio.

At some point, James teamed with producer Kane Beatz who added production to the song, which was eventually used by Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj. The lawsuit claims that “Bottoms Up” was contained on Trey Songz’ hit album Passion, Pain and Pleasure but only listed Kane Beatz as producer of the song.

Doc Mob’s Derrick Price alleges that he sent multiple cease-and-desist letters to Atlantic Records and Trey Songz, but they were allegedly ignored by the defendants in the case. Kodak has been dragged into the $18 million dollar lawsuit, for using the song in an advertising campaign featuring Trey Songz.

Source: All Hip Hop

Whoever these goons are…. we hope they know that it will be a cold day in he** before they get that amount of money! Especially for that song. C’mon son….

Your thoughts?

  • this is some striaght BS. how you gonna law suit trey songz over his hit song bottoms up ft nicki minaj. like they doing to much. they starting drama over a song. i hope they lose and i hope that trey gets to walk away with money in his poket and a smile on his face. cause at the end if he wins that case his can say f*ck yall and kiss my a**

  • :)


    It does seem bogus.

  • Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

    TREY WILL WIN! I know he will. So stupid. I mean there`s always
    someone that want to take all the credit and now, when the song
    has been played for 6 or 7 months. God is with him all the times and
    HE is with him during this dillemma.

  • HappyMe

    ummm this song has been out since summer 2010 and it’s now February 2011. Why are they just now filing a lawsuit when they have obviously had an ample amount of time. Money hungry people in this world…smh

  • Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

    Been thinking bout this and its too crazy, God knows the truth and the truth will come to light. I believe that Trey will be walking away with his pockets filled of money for one because of this crazy delay of a lawsuit since the song and commercial been out since last year now they got something to say. Trey keep your head up bruh, and remember you are too blessed to be stressed. I`m sure that he will talk about this to the public soon unless his lawyers are telling him not too for now. I bet he has a great lawyer and he/she knows what they are doing at a situation like this to keep Trey covered and I`m sure that when the suit was filed that they got together in the lawyer`s office and had all of the written documents together and ready for what`s next in this process of the lawsuit. I`m sure that both parties are ready for this battle of the money due to one song. Also, I`m sure whatever day they go to court that you def. know who will be there to support her son Trey, April Tucker! Trey, All the people at Atlantic Records, Kodak and everyone else that is effected, God is on your side and I have a STRONG FEELING THAT THIS CASE YOU ALL WILL COME OUT WINNERS.