Nicki Minaj Sextape?

Today must be a slow news day….because once again, MediaFAKEout is making up stories!!!

The always unreliable celebrity blog claims to have a screen shot from an alleged Nicki Minaj sex tape. But if anyone with a brain Googles “Nicki Minaj porn”….they will find out (in the very first result) that the lady in the picture is definitely NOT the Harajuku Barbie and instead just a porn star look-a-like.

The alleged pic of Nicki Minaj (which is actually a screenshot from a porn flick) can be found below:

Nice try MFO… that aint no dayum Nicki Minaj!!!

Your thoughts?

  • fan

    Watch full Nicki Minaj sex tape here:

  • Yeah that’s not Nicki Minaj, it’s porn star named Alisia Smyles, I posted the video on my blog for those that want to take a look themselves.

  • pupp2

    Sure looks like her couldnt quite tell until i saw the Nicki Minaj sex tape at exploited black teens website.

  • I think we should worry about her music and not her past. I mean everyone has something in their past they want to forget and I think her need to be famous took a turn for the bad at one point. Glad she is back on track! :)

  • Pleease

    Are you kidding me? Of course that’s Nicki Minaj you fools!! She even wears the same barbie necklace, has the same exact eyes, same exact new york accent. And heres the biggest key. See that lower back tattoo in the video? Now tell me why Nicki Minaj doesn’t have any lower back pictures ANYWHERE in real life? She doesn’t want people to make the tattoo connection. Duhh idiots.

  • nickiminaj

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