Soulja Boy Says He’s in Love with Kat Stacks (VIDEO)

Soulja Boy Says He’s in Love with Kat Stacks (VIDEO)

We’re completely lost on this one….

In a recent interview with Angie Ange of D.C.’s 93.9 FM, rapper Soulja Boy admitted to being in love with Hip Hop groupie Kat Stacks and saddened by her possible deportation. Peep the interview footage below:

Okay…now we’re starting to believe the coke sniffing allegations! Anybody blatantly admitting to being in love with someone like Kat Stacks is definitely on some strong sh*t. SMH…….

  • Dayumm Boo Boo

    Put the pipe down bro! This fool KAT whipped ROTFLMAO!


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