Bow Wow isn’t the only young rapper making moves in the film industry!

Word on the sidewalk is that Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em and rapper/actor turned TV executive Nick Cannon are teaming up to shoot a film written by the TEENick chairman this fall.

According to Soulja Boy, production for the new film will begin this November. The “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper told MTV News:

“Me and Nick Cannon have been talking back and forth for, like, the last year about a movie idea,” SB told MTV News. “I did a movie with him earlier this year with Justin Bieber [‘School Gyrls’], and it went straight to Nickelodeon. It was a good movie, but it was mostly for kids. We were talking back and forth, and he wants me to star in a movie that he wrote when he was, like, 17.”

He didn’t reveal any further details about this movie, but the 20-year-old entertainer said that he hopes that this is just the beginning of his film career, adding that one day he hopes to shoot a biopic:

“I want people to know my story. Because a lot of people know Soulja Boy and know my songs, but a lot of people don’t know where I’m from or where I came from, how I did it. A lot of people do know, but a movie would paint the picture so much better. I wanna do a movie that’s my story, my legacy; what got me here and why I’m still here.”

Source: MTV News

Soulja Boy’s third studio album The DeAndre Way is due for release in the fall as well, about a month before production for his new movie with Nick Cannon begins.

What do you think about Soulja Boy’s future in the film industry?