Dr. Phil Buys $30 Million Dollar Home in Beverly Hills that Looks like the Alamo

Dr. Phil is baaaalllliiinnnn!!

The psychologist turned TV personality who rose to fame in the late 1990s by making multiple appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show just dropped $30 million dollars on a pad in Beverly Hills, California that looks just like the Alamo.

Dr. Phil and his wife Robin’s new 15,000 square foot home sits on nearly 3 acres, features a formal dining room, a huge entryway, a library/media room and a “great room” that combines the kitchen with the family/living room. The home, described as a “romantic European villa,” also comes with 5 bedrooms, 9 full bathrooms, 2 half-baths and a second-floor master suite with a private sitting room and balcony.

In addition, the villa includes a great view of the city, a detached guest house, a flat lawn, a swimming pool and an illuminated tennis court. There’s also a giant fountain parked out front that sits at the edge of a long gated driveway.

Check out a few photos of Dr. Phil’s new digs below…

  • cinnamonbear

    No offense, but this house looks like a spanish villa, but it looks nothing like the Alamo. Check out pics and compare. I live in Texas and have been to the Alamo several times in my life.

  • drphilfanlisa

    It looks very simple… but more than that…. what happened to Dr Phils moustache?

  • sassycindi

    Perhaps Dr. Phil needs his head examined…He is paying 2,000.00 a square foot for his “Villa” and I am trying to get 195.00 , a beautiful 2,550 square foot home and keep getting told by the Real Estate “you need to lower your expectations”, we are in a down economy?
    I guess I don’t see the logic.

  • Lars

    This guy is a quack and his wife looks like she had “work” done.

  • sherry smith

    Dear Dr. Phil and Robin, Congratulations on your new home and I know you paid cash! If you have a opening for a job would love to be interviewed, Im 58 white nice looking and a hard worker. I could be a asset to your Dr. Phil family of workers. I am divorced of 6 yrs and was a Domestic Voilence survior and a Lyme Disease survior too. I was in the Dental field for many yrs and an apartment manager also. I have recieved no child support or domestic support and about to loose my home here in Kansas City Mo. Im so happy for you and Robin and your new 3 granchildren. God is good and can do miracles. I need one too! My wonderful son Zach , top 10 of his class whom is now 23 yrs old is getting married Sept 18th. I have no funds for a dress or rehersal dinner. I have waited for this moment all my life. He is very smart a lineman and Brittany is going to warrenburg to be a teacher. I have written and e-mailed many times but I know you get alot of mail and requests. What a miracle this would be! I only have my 80 yr old parents to help out. God bless your new home because I know you only pay cash! Ha and you and Robin deserve it! The best thing Oprah did was to have your own show! And so many people you have helped in there lives… Congrats! on your new 3 baby girls ! How wonderful God is! May you be blessed with more success and Gods will. I know Robin can relate!! Sincerely, Sherry Smith In kc. Mo

  • pEaCe

    LARS…. you’re a douche.
    “This guy is a quack and his wife looks like she had “work” done.”

    why must you talk bad about people you don’t even know?

    dr phil is a very good man. very caring. very smart too.
    and who cares if his wife has had “work” of any kind.
    that’s none of your business.

    please, take your negativity somewhere where someone cares.

  • LouiseD

    I am not sure which is a bigger waste of time….this story or the “Justin Junior writes a book” crap. I guess the joke is on me….I read it. Excuse me I am off to gouge out my eyes with a teaspoon.

  • Becki

    Dr.Phil….say thank you OPRAH.

  • Cass

    Dr. Phil that house isn’t worth 30 million. You and your wife a cute couple.

    In a recession do you think its wise to purchase a 30 million dollar how Phil?

    I thought you were logical about things like this.

  • vanessa

    a bsolutely lbeautiful well played

  • Mary Harris

    What’s wrong with Mrs. McGraw’s eyes and lips? Her eyes are so tiny, and either her lips have an unnatural shape or someone did a bad lipstick job on her.

  • Sondra Gail

    Lovely new home. Dr. & Mrs. Phil, please buy yourselves some cinnamon from me, since I wouldn’t know where to send it.

    Remember house warming gifts? Ah, for the good old days.

  • Cornelius


  • John Daniel Carreras

    Any “psychiatrist”, such as Dr. Phil, who spends 30 million dollars on a home, when there are children all over the world who are starving to death everyday, is criminally insane. His so-called “stardom”, has driven him insane! “Pride comes before the fall”!

  • balah

    he’s rich . rich people don’t sympathize with us people getting affected by the economy !!
    his wife just simply looks like she’s getting old, and geting wrinkles and her make up makes her look like she got plastic surgery, not that there’s anything wrong with it!!!

  • TL

    I live in SA and it does look like the Alamo…. on steroids!!! That has to be the worst 30 mil ever spent on a house, very blah and depressing looking. I’m VERY surprised Robin like it?!?!?!?!

  • JEANNIE5310


  • yukkki

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  • jeff

    if i was rich i would buy big houses to, fdic only covers up to $250,000, you would have to spread your money out to a lot of banks to protect it, so putting a chunk in a house is smart…, id have to build a 20 car garage next to it for my toy’s…. dont worry about the haters Doc…., and im not much of a fan…

  • What the?

    @sassicindi, rich people do not need to worry about “logical” things like the economy. Hey, if you got it, spend it. Don’t hate.

  • maureen

    i know you earned every penny to buy that house, just wish i had 25,000 to be bill free
    i’m 62, maybe i could live in the guesthouse

  • shebster

    Wow, Why does everyone have to comment on their appearance? I’ll be the first to admit I would buy a $30 million home IF I had the money. The house is pretty. It’s unique and has character. Post a picture of yourselves and your house and let us smash it for awhile. BAM!

  • Deb Miller

    Well, I’ve seen better looking homes with better views. It’s nice that someone wanted that house, cause I wouldn’t LOL Give me a ranch style house with tons of acres, several horses, a creek, lots of trees….now that’s living!!
    Dr Phil….you are a smart man, you always know just the right thing to say. I admire and respect you. I’m happy for your success! I never missed a show back in the day when you were on Oprah. Nice you have your own show and it’s been on year after year….I hope for many more!
    (Nice teethy smile) But miss the signiture mustache :)

  • karen maher

    How wonderful! God bless you and have a wonderful time with your family in your new digs. You are good people. If I lived closer I would bring you a can of baked beans to wish you good luck. (My mother is from the South and she taught me that this was a way to introduce yourself to your new neighbors and bring them good luck.
    Thank you for your observations on many varied topics. I always enjoy watching you even if I may not agree with you.
    Love, Peace and Understanding.

  • Bridget

    He looks SO WEIRD without his mustache.

  • Pam

    Dr. Phil, where is your moustache? You need it back! you both are a lovely couple. I know you earned every penny for that house. I watch you as often as I can! Would love to see or be on your show one day! I have a very intereting life, I would fit right in! I’m surprised about the looks of the house. To me it doesn’t look like something you would have. But everyone has their own taste! Hope you enjoy it!

  • Vicky

    I would be ashamed to buy a home that expensive. It just looks bad when there are so many people out of work and suffering.

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    to get out dr fhil i dont no what to do they use me all the time i never do enough for them i need your help please
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    \ linda davis

  • Joseph

    Dr. PHil is in this big law suit with the designers what is going on with that!

  • mike

    oh yeah what is going on with that lawsuit?

  • Anne1075

    He’s a phony because he doesn’t even have a license to practice and his wife wouldn’t have looked at him twice if she could move her face from plastic surgery..if he didn’t have money, because he is one ugly…..wouldn’t want to wake up to either one……