Have you ever locked yourself out of your house or lost your luggage at the airport? Well this happened to Kim Kardashian over the weekend.

Kim had just wrapped up a photo shoot with Justin Bieber in the Bahamas and was heading back to Los Angeles via LAX Airport to find out that her luggage was lost during travel. She tweeted:

“After waiting a hour on the runway…they tell me my bags didn’t make it and are lost!!!! I want to cry! 🙁 All of this traveling with delays, weather changes, and early hours has gotten me sick…I hate this feeling. I need a break from planes.”

So she finally gets home after a rough day of losts and realizes that she couldn’t even get into her house. Because she was locked out!

“Ok just when I thought my night couldn’t get any worse, I get home just craving my own bed and IM LOCKED OUT!!!!!”

Poor thing.