Anna Paquin Says “True Blood” Sex Scenes with Her Fiance/Co-Star Stephen Moyer Are REAL!

“True Blood” star Anna Paquin is far from camera shy.

In a recent interview with Entertainment weekly, Anna discussed how she is able to remain in her comfort zone on set despite having to pose nude for several scenes in the show. She also mentioned how her sex scenes with her fiance and co-star Stephen Moyer are all real and don’t require smoke and mirrors. Check out what the actress told EW below:

“It doesn’t really bother me. I’m really close with all of our cast, and we’ve all seen each other in various compromising and odd situations.”

In some episodes of the popular HBO series, there are many intimate sex scenes between Anna (Sookie) and her fiance Stephen Moyer, who plays her vampire lover Bill. Moyer actually finds the fact that they can get freaky on set an advantage.

“I think that one great bonus is we don’t need a fluffer.”

The third season of the cult hit “True Blood” premieres tonight on HBO at 9 PM!


  • OMFG That is so cool :] This is the type of stuff we want to know. Hot Anna, Very Hot.

  • NYC Gaffer

    This is total BS. If they were having real sex on screen it would be considered porn, and they would lose their Screen Actor’s Guild memberships. Participation in pornography by SAG members is expressly forbidden.

  • chloe harris

    thats beyond off the chain i think its good youll really do it on set and i knew all along because well it was obvious anyways wish you both all the happiness and love and for alll you negative thinkers out there just go to hell.

  • Laura

    I think its great their so comfortable with each other and I LOVE this show. But what’s going to happen when Sookie dumps Bill and hooks up with Eric? Won’t they have to start faking it then?

  • adavis

    Good grief. Nowhere in this article/interview did either Anna or Stephen say they have real sex on camera. She said she is comfortable being nude around her fellow actors and he said he doesn’t need a fluffer. Which basically means he’s turned on and can easily maintain a hard on while acting out sex scenes with his fiancee. ACTING being the key word here, they’re not actually having sex.

  • Sam

    @NYC Gaffer “If they were having real sex on screen it would be considered porn”

    Actually that’s not the case- there have been more than a few films that have utilized real sexual activity within the context of the work, and they are not considered pornography by any governing body of performing arts. So long as it is used as a tool of expression rather than solely for titillation, something that is not as easily quantifiable as one might think, then the actors need fear no repercussion. Still though- did Stephen Moyers have to tell us that he doesn’t need a fluffer?

  • That’s Anna Paquin from X-Men!? She’s really aged quick.

  • Kim

    OMG! I didn’t know that they were really a couple!!! I always thought they would be a good couple off screen!!! GO “SOOKIE” and “BILL”!!!! ~~LLLOOOVVEE TRUE BLOOD~~

  • ashley

    who cares if anna and stephen really have sex or not on the show. i really could care less if its real or not. true blood is an amazing show, knowing their sex is real or not doesn’t wreck the show for me at all. those two having sex isn’t what the show is about anyways, so it don’t matter if the sex is real or not its just part of the show.

  • Gunner

    Its a vampire series! It’s got sexual undertones all over it. Why do you think so many girls like twilight! Dont believe me read some psychology books on the subject!

  • Cathy

    uhh..dont think she means they are actually having sex..think she means the chemistry is real..dumbasses!

  • Theresa

    Go Stephen and Anna! I am a new fan and recently I watched the first two seasons to catch up and be ready for season 3 and fell in love with their romance. I didn’t realize they have a relationship off-screen and it’s really to our advantage that they do. It’s convincing and more so because of that I’m sure! Porn does NOT have that element, it’s fake and cheap and I don’t get that from them on True Blood.

  • Grown N Sexy

    First of all the make out sessions are real but these two hardly ever have intimate sex scene. Anyway I luv this show, I am so happy it is back on!!!

  • I love these two and I love true blood…too bad I don’t have HBO lmao!!