Globe Magazine Releases Gary Coleman Death Photos

The Globe has released pictures of the late Gary Coleman in his final moments on the cover of the latest edition of their tabloid newspaper.

The photos were taken by his ex-wife Shannon Price at the hospital where Coleman died at, and the greedy bitch later sold them to the Globe for a measly $10,000 according to various sources.

Wow, seriously? $10,000 measly little bucks?!

Price allegedly sold the pics to help pay for lawyer expenses, however we all know this is a bunch of bull, like her story of Gary mysteriously falling down a flight of stairs and hitting his head. Everyday something new comes forward in regards to Gary Coleman’s death. We just hope soon, the truth will be set free! Everyone knows she killed him.

That demon-lady needs to be persecuted! SMH…

  • Tamika

    She is a dumb ass. She will get hers, I hope him come back and haunt her. R.I P Gary.

  • ke ke

    its very sad

  • Earl Cook

    people like shannon price wouldnt be able to exploit photos if there werent alot of people, who,
    for what ever reason, like viewing photos of this nature. Hell, I would like to be able to say that when I die poeple would want to pay for my death photos. If nothing else, it would certainly mean
    that I acheived at least some level of fame during my stay on this planet. He is remembered for entertaining and making people laugh. And as tasteless as this whole thing is, at least the world
    does remember him. and in the eyes of the world, shannon price looks much worse than gary’s
    death photos ever could.

  • Alisa Griffin

    This Bitch needs to burn in hell.

  • Yellow star

    I truly believe in the saying what goes around comes around. She may have profited from the
    photos, but nothing positive will come out of that.