The case is closed on the investigation into Gary Coleman‘s death as of yesterday (Tues. Oct 5), reports TMZ. According to Coleman’s autopsy report, which was recently reviewed by Utah police, Gary’s death was labeled as an “accident.” The report also states that the former child star was in “terrible shape” before his death.

“[Gary] was an accident waiting to happen. The last time I saw him he literally looked gray,” a rep for the police department told TMZ.

This also exonerates his super looney ex wife Shannon Price, who was publicly criticized for sounding uncaring in the 911 call she made after she found her ex husband’s body after an apparent fall. In the call, she was heard saying that she “can’t stand blood” and that was the reason why she couldn’t help him or take him to the hospital herself.

Gary’s parents also voiced their concerns about the circumstances surrounding their son’s death via their spokesperson Victor Perillo, who said: “If I had the dollars, I’d hire someone to take another look at the body to see if there was any blunt force trauma to the head. How did he hit his head? Why was there so much blood?”

Coleman’s former manager Dion Mial was suspicious too. At the time of Gary’s death, he said: “I wholeheartedly believe there was foul play here. There are criminal intentions relative to Gary’s death.”

Despite Gary expressing wishes that he wanted to be kept alive if he were to ever go into a coma, Shannon Price pulled the plug anyway, and was never officially named as a suspect in the investigation into Gary’s death. However, after people started to give her the side-eye, she released a statement saying that she had no involvement in her ex husband’s death, claiming that the two were on the verge of re-marrying before he died. But let’s not forget that this is the same woman who sold pictures of Gary on his deathbed to the National Enquirer because Gary wrote her out of his will and left her with NOTHING!

Case closed our a**!! SMH…

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