A First Look at Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s New “Telephone” Music Video!

The music video for Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s collab single “Telephone” will be here any day now! And here are a few stills from the highly anticipated video, which will serve as the second collaboration between Gaga and Beyonce.

Speaking on the video, Lady Gaga says this one is possibly the best one she’s ever done. She said that it’s so good that she “feels bad” for her “Bad Romance” video. Peep a few stills from “Telephone” below…

  • master

    she is ugly

  • Venom

    She really looks like a men

  • sointoyou

    i so love this song..can’t wait to see it!

  • When GaGa don’t have on all this costume and makaeup she looks ok.

  • Oh em gee, i love lady gaga :). I can’t wait to see her new video. I mean, i know she’s weird but come on… She makes het video’s and songs so extraordinary, that they are interesting to watch. If you compare her video with a video from Miley Cyrus, what video will you like better? Miley Cyrus standing behind a mic and saying there’s a Party in the U.S.A, or GaGa who get’s thrown off a balcony and takes a sweet revenge, with extraordinairy dances, and exclusive beats.
    You either love her or hate her.
    I think we can expect so much more from her in the future…