Sasha Fierce = Beyonce?

So I was perusing the internets this evening, and stumbled upon a post by our friends over at That Grape Juice that mentioned a certain “mystery singer,” whose name is “Sasha Fierce.” So who is she? She has an official website and an official MySpace page, and if she is who we think she is … she released two brand new videos over the weekend (IIWAB & SL).

Once you get to the MySpace page, you see a myspace page that has a default picture resembling a “robotic arm” – that’s what I see … is she gonna wear that robotic suit-looking thing she wore at the BET Awards on the sasha fierce part of the album? – and influences that list words like “Music, Life, Love, Empowerment, Beauty, Passion and Strength.” Beyonce’s new album is apparently titled “I Am…” and if you look at the center of the page, you see a store with t-shirts, and a few of the shirts read “I AM FIERCE.” So is this Sasha Fierce person Beyonce’s alter ego? Will Beyonce be pulling a Nelly and dropping two albums on the same day a la “Sweat Suit?” I mean, she did release two brand new songs with two new accompanying videos within the same seven-day period.

With all of these artists putting on sweatsuits, battling themselves and introducing alter egos, I’m beginning to question their sanity. Anybody remember “T.I. vs. T.I.P.?” or “Black Ty,” Tyrese’s alter ego?. And we can’t forget about Sean “Puffy” Combs, Puff Daddy, Puffy, Diddy, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Sean, John and Sean John. Are they serious? Apparently so!

  • Nickie C

    Yea, I think it’s Beyonce. This is a good look for her!!! It adds mystery to her cd. I like how she’s doing things, because this is a totally different approach. Keep it up Bey!

  • Taylor

    beyonce’ has repeatedly said (tyra show for example) that she has an “alter ego” named sasha.
    so this isn’t a surprise.

  • Yea its Beyonce. She confirmed it on 106 today. That glove is the glove she wore in the ‘Single Ladies’ video.

  • HU Sweetheart

    oh yeah i agree with everyone. She should have done a better job of trying to keep it concealed. There is a lil contest going on the Sasha Fierce website…but Beyonce blew it. LOL it’s cool. I heard that the title “I AM…” is gonna be a two disc…the first titled “I AM…Beyonce” the second titled “I AM…Sasha Fierce” Fun Fun… almost like T.I. vs. T.I.P. Honestly I’m feeling Sasha Fierce more than Beyonce right now anyway b/c that Single Ladies video is RIDICULOUS!!!

  • Evonne

    yeah, it is Beyonce. She mentioned in an interview a few years back that her alter ego’s name was Sasha.

    “As if Beyonce wasn’t enough to satisfy audiences, now the secret of “Sasha” is out.
    That’s the name Beyonce has given her stage persona, according to the November issue of Vanity Fair. ” that’s from Oct. 5, 2005.

    and technically, Beyonce is the alter ego because Sasha is the dominating personality. Beyonce does interviews, Sasha does the sexy stage dancing lol.

  • Go BEYONCE!!!!

  • kelly

    I LOVE the 2 singles beyonce has out! i cant wait to pick up the I AM albums, i love the album cover too! shontelle kind of reminds me of beyonce, they kind of look like now!

  • holdmeback

    this is actually a really cool publicity stunt. I like it. and shontelle does not look like beyonce. get off the crack kelly. but shontelles album i think will be good. anybody agree?

  • dana

    Ummm. I ready to hear new talent. Im beyonced out. Hearin good things about shontelle

  • Alicia

    Dana I was getting ready to say that before I yawned at this story. Though Shontelle and Beyonce kinda favor, I like the new sound Shontelle has.

  • HeavenlyLove

    Yay! I’m not the only one who thinks Beyonce is played out? lol I heard Shontelle the other day…I’m feelin’ it. When does her album drop…anyone?

  • Barry Bright

    She is erotic and appealing. A very strong personality and inspiring. I hope she’s aware of the impact and implication of her choice on the younger generation. She’s an idol to many as well as model. I like her.

  • Give me a break on the name change already — been there done that. B – we’ve come to expect more from you than this lame marketing ploy …

  • suzie

    seriously? THE STUPIDEST THING EVER..sasha fierce? are you kidding me? hahahahahahaha

  • KEY


  • Queen Jenny

    As if the name “Beyonce” isn’t ridiculous enough?

  • Sasha Fierce

    Beyonce is the best and will always be, but she just wanted to spice it up a little bit. Beyonce has never been happier and dont hate on her because you cant get on her level.

  • Tlcasselman

    *sighs & shakes head* This is probably the most retartded thing I’ve seen a celebrity do in my 10 years of paying attention to celebritys. Her name is beyonce for the past 11 years she has been beyonce (the singer) Now she goes and decides that she wants to change her name….WHAT THE HEll, SASHA FIERCE IS JUST…Grrr, I can’t express my thought process because this is just stupid. Shes starting from scratch and I bet it won’t last long, It was differnt with Diddy he didn’t just go and change it entirely it was a slight variation. ANd Sean john was a more business side. Just its dumb, just dumb…Period.

  • Gideon

    It is really good for her,..i love her and i also wish she is a boy,.i’m so much she must have be my hero

  • Gideon Olawale

    My sexy Queen is the best forever,…so whatever she does is always okay and acceptable

  • Ve3

    I knew she finally has crazy lol. Its about time. We all seen the best, mariah, Whitney etc craziness. I know its about time beyonce showed her true colors. I believe shes really crazy. And that whole sasha thing is only the beginning


    Umm she’s been talking about her Sasha alter ego for years…it’s nothing new