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Today’s LOL Cute Video: Screaming Flower Girl Runs Down the Aisle at Wedding, Steals the Show

Kids sure do know how to take a moment and make it all theirs. But you can't even be mad at them because they...

Today’s LOL Video: Little Boy Walks Out of Restaurant With a Cup & Thinks He’s Going to Jail

Once you become a parent, one of the most entertaining things you can do is mess with your kids. Take it one step further...

Today’s FAIL Video: Boy Jumps in “Puddle,” Almost Drowns

For future reference, if your friends dare you to jump into some random puddle of water, just say no! In video footage that has gone...

Today’s Feel Good Video: Blind 4-Year-Old Steps Off the Sidewalk All By Himself for the Very First Time

Life hands kids a lot of challenges straight from birth, but four-year-old Gavin Robert Stevens was doled out more than his fair share when...

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