Once you become a parent, one of the most entertaining things you can do is mess with your kids. Take it one step further and record it on camera? Oh, now you’ve got gold on your hands.

One mom decided to teach her son a real good lesson about stealing when he walked out of a restaurant with the store’s plastic cup. She told the boy that he had stolen the restaurant’s property, and as such, he was going to be placed under arrest. When the boy heard mention of the police, he panicked and begged his mother to let him return the cup, but the mother insisted it was too late.

That’s when the water works and the howls really turnt up. “I’M JUST YOUR LITTLE SON,” the not-so-little boy cried.

The whole thing made its way to America’s Funniest Home Videos and now we all get to enjoy the mother’s ingenious prank on her son.


Priceless. What’s the fun in being a parent if you can’t torture your kids every now and again?

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