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Rich Texas Teen Who Killed 4 People in Drunken Crash Gets Probation, Instead of Jail

Because we live in a world dominated by a society that seems to lack any morals what-so-ever, a spoiled Texas teen who killed not...

Teen Goes On 3 A.M. Post-Thanksgiving Joyride With Friends, Dies In High-Speed Police Chase

The life of a 14-year-old boy from South Carolina was tragically cut short after a car he was driving flipped during a high-speed police...

Florida Teen Treated Like Dangerous Criminal After Science Project Explodes at School

With members of law enforcement on high alert for potential terrorists, the public has been reminded who the real dangerous individuals are ... high...

Kenyan Boy Honored for Ingenious Invention That Scares Lions Away

Lions are a constant threat to farmers in Kenya, as cattle are their preferred late-night snack. But one family no longer has that to...

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