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Well Damn: Steve Harvey Just Got Replaced by Another White Woman on TV

In yet another L for Steve Harvey this week, the man with many jobs has lost yet another paycheck and is being replaced by another white woman on television.

Melissa McCarthy Responds to Film Critic Rex Reed Calling Her a “Female Hippo”

As Kanye West continues to collect all of the top awards for Douche Bag of the Year, many of us have forgotten to acknowledge...

Watch: New “Hangover 3” Movie Trailer

The latest trailer for "The Hangover III" has arrived and it's just a crazy as you'd expect! There's guns, chickens, and the horrific giraffe...

“Hangover 3” Movie Trailer: The Wolfpack is Back, and is Ready to Burn Las Vegas Down!

First there was the poster and now we have the first trailer for "Hangover 3!" Based on the promo, the film is set in...

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